I get this question all the time, OK.. I have had my aortic dissection, now how long am I going to live? Well, that’s a question that is better left up to asking GOD. He’s got a plan already laid out for you and rather than YOU trying to go to the web or on this site and try to read the “survival rate” stats, I would HIGHLY suggest that you concentrate on trying to get back to living as normal of a life as you can. I might add a few minor precautionary steps. First, make 100% sure you are taking all your BP meds, especially the for the Type B dissection. Secondly, the lifting of heavy objects is frowned upon. I personally still lift my 35 lb dumbbells every now and then. Plus, I still am playing competitive tennis.

The other things to keep in mind are your present job. Is it very physically demanding? You might want to look into an alternative. Also, try to remain as “stress free” as you can. I literally changed from a Type A-super competitive stressed out tennis player, competitive worker to a Type B-where I just go with the flow and value each and every day as a gift from GOD and try to help others have “Hope” and “Faith” that they can continue to move on. I have access to many of the top surgeons and I can get help for you and answers to your questions.

Don’t worry about anything, live in the moment! Enjoy!

Brian Tinsley