Personal Stories: Colon Brown I am the Director of Congregation Development, the United Methodist Church, the Detroit Annual Conference. After years of serving the church as a pastor I found […]

Personal Stories: Jim Goldsmith Hello Again Brian: I had terrible, terrible, pain in my back running up and down the whole core of my body. I thought I was passing […]

Personal Stories: Keith Hallbourg Brian, Hello. I just happened upon your website via a “Google” search. I too survived an acute dissection in 1994 when I was 25 years old. […]

Personal Stories: Howard Brian, I am a survivor of an aortic aneurysm in 1990 due to Marfans. Thanks to my surgeon I have had nearly 15 healthy years thanks to […]

Personal Stories: Barb Yoho My mothers (Barb) aortic dissection story: The end of 2003, my mom (Barb) had been having high blood pressure, which was uncharacteristic for her.  Her family […]

Personal Stories: Tim Bailey Brian, My husband, Tim, had a dissection of the aorta in October. He was not properly diagnosed for it for an entire week. He had visited […]

Personal Stories: Chris O’Brien Brian, It was 01/17/03 that I experienced my dissected aorta aneurysm.  I was taken to St. Joseph’s hospital ER in Atlanta.  I spent till the end […]

Personal Stories: Dave Wallace Brian, You asked for my story so that you could keep tabs on the other survivors. Here is my story. I am 60 years old and […]

Personal Stories: Duane I spoke w/you on the phone the other day. My name is Duane. I, as I told you also had an Aortic Dissection. Mine felt like a […]

Personal Stories: My Aortic Dissection Story-Brian S. Tinsley My name is Brian S. Tinsley and here’s my story of my aortic dissection. On August 22nd, 2003 I was just starting […]