Personal Stories: Irene’s Husband Dear Brian, First off, let me say how grateful I am for this web site. Although sometimes I’m not thrilled with what I read, my husband […]

Personal Stories: Karen’s Husband’s Story My husband (who has Marfans) suffered an aortic dissection in January, 2004. After a week stay, he came home and went back to work. I […]

Personal Stories: Bob Benesch My name is Beverly Jebe. My fathers name is Bob Benesch. In September of 2000, my dad suffered an aortic dissection. It begins at the left […]

Personal Stories: Jennifer’s Husband-A sad story Hi my name is Jennifer my story doesn’t have a happy ending. My husband past away of a dissecting aortic aneurism in December of […]

Personal Stories: Thomasina McCain Thank you so very much.  I am the person about whom the questions were asked.  Two years ago I had a very sharp chest pain….thought about […]

Personal Stories: Kari Ann Wagner I write this for my wife who had aortic dissection in Oct of 03. She was 31 years old. One even while doing dishes she […]

Personal Stories: Kim Putnam’s Father We had suspected that my dad had hypertension for years. Combined with a very unhealthy weight and diet, he seemed to be a health disaster […]

Personal Stories: Tammy Mayes Hello Brian and everyone who comes in this great place. My story isn’t quite like everyone else’s. I am 35 yrs. old, married almost 16 yrs. […]

Personal Stories: Linda Fesler Hi Everyone, I was diagnosed with Marfan’s Syndrome at age 23 so I read everything I could about it from that time on. There was not […]

Personal Stories: Nancy Smith I believe I experienced an aortic dissection 3 years ago, as the result of a biopsy that hit a blood vessel, with subsequent hemorrhage and massive […]

Personal Stories: Frank Rende Hello Brian, I have just read your article on your website and will continue to read through the other links that are available.  I feel that […]

Personal Stories: Regina Kurn Hi! It’s getting late, but I am so excited to have found this site tonight. I had sort of given up tying to find anyone who […]

Personal Stories: Choi I am a 54 years old man from Hong Kong. On 7 February 2004, I had sudden severe chest and back pain while at home in the […]

Personal Stories: David Graham Hi Brian, My name is David Graham and i was hospitalized with an aortic dissection back on 1/21/04. I am finally home now and i am […]

Personal Stories: Roger Taylor Brian, Your website is great!  Your experience is much like mine, though I wasn’t doing anything physical, it was a Saturday Morning and I was at […]

Personal Stories: Ricky Flanders Hello Brian, My name is Rick Flanders, am 34 yrs old, of Asian heritage and I live in the San Francisco bay area. I stumbled upon […]

Personal Stories: Kim W.Adams-By Jeff Hurt My name is Jeff Hurt and I am using my partner–Kim W. Adams–of 19+ years’ account to post some info. The day before Thanksgiving […]

Personal Stories: Rick Tomasinski Came across your site via Google as I was looking for information on the Aorta. I have read the personal stories and noticed that most have […]