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If you need help for your aortic dissection, please feel free to contact me directly at 206.200.4917 and I will help you right away. I have teamed up with the top surgeons across the US and World that help me on my site.

Here’s some helpful links:     Aortic Centers   Aortic Experts

Best Regards,

Brian S. Tinsley


  1. Dennis McKeith

    Hi, Brian, I have 4.2 AAA, I am a male 78 years old , can you advise me. I have sang all my life and am a lead singer in a choir /bass baritone etc. Can I still sing without harming my AAA?
    I take the lead role in the choir, we sing all kinds of music Any advice will appreciated and upheld.

    Sincere thanks, Dennis McKeith

  2. Dennis McKeith

    Hi sent you a email about my AAA

    Dennis McKeith

  3. facebook-profile-picture

    I wouldn’t let a little 4.2 cm aneurysm stop the music 🙂 Dr. Liang

  4. Juliet McKenzie

    Could it be possible there could be a connection with lifelong vocal performance and AAA or AD? My mother had a severe decending AD this last January at 76. Three years after the observation of a small AAA. She is a trained opera/classical singer and has performed all her life. We wonder if it can agrivate a genetically weakened aorta? My uncle just had surgery for a AAA this month after being alerted to the issue because of my Mothers condition.

  5. Juliet McKenzie

    I should add that my Mothers ability to sing and regulate the air control has been effected. She did not have surgery and is being medically managed.

  6. Juliet McKenzie

    Thank you, Juliet

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