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We strongly believe bioelectric signal controlled protein expressions and mixed stem cell based compositions are the future of aortic aneurysm repair. The aorta is made of living cells and is best repaired with living cells. We believe every aortic aneurysm patient will be sent home with a bioelectric stimulation abdominal belt when first diagnosed with a non life threatening aneurysm and the bioelectric signals that control protein expressions, stem cell homing and smooth muscle differentiation emitting non-invasively from this belt will shrink and repair the aneurysms and eliminate need for future endovascular stent graft placement or surgery. This early use belt can open up a whole new market segment for EndoLogix.

For larger aneurysms a specially designed endovascular catheter can deliver the needed bioelectric signals with strong force at close proximity to where they are needed as well as the mixed stem cell based composition for aneurysm wall repair. This same technology can be used to reinforce aortic necks for more secure leak free endovascular stent graft placements as well when total bioelectric and cell based repair is not possible.

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