Hello! Well, today is my 13 year celebration since my aortic dissection. It was 13 years ago, it was a very stressful day to say the least. I had arranged to buy a motorcycle site unseen on Saturday morning. . I was borrowing a truck to pick it up from another person, I was playing tennis that Saturday at 0700 am before all of that. However, that Friday, I was playing tennis at 4 pm with Jack Follis outdoors on the clay. I had a teriyaki salty lunch around 1 pm. I arrived at the courts at 3:45 pm ish and realized I forgot my shoes! So, I had to run back home, get the shoes, fly back, get onto the courts, not even really having time to warm up and then started the match. I believe about 3 days into it, I went for a ball and "something felt really REALLY" weird. And I had to stop, sit down. I made it back to the main lobby and my friend was going to give me a ride to the hospital. It was Friday, bad traffic and 5 pm. So, his kids were in daycare, they decided to call 911 - that saved my life right there!

Fast forward to day, 13 years later, a website, over 500 stories and now I find out I have Prostate Cancer - the aggressive kind, and have my Robotic Prostitechomy this Friday! I am hopeful that Dr. James Porter at Swedish can get my prostate, right nerve bundle and lymph nodes removed and be able to tell me that he didn't see it spread outside the capsule of my prostate. All the tests say it hasn't, but the final pathology report will reveal the truth. I have 110% surrendered my life to Jesus Christ and I believe that had my hip not needed to be replaced for the second time, the first time, it was cancelled due to me needing a cardiac anesthesiologist. The second attempt his April and having to have a physical within 30 days of the surgery, revealed my personal doctor deciding to order a PSA test, fist ever for some reason. I have to believe 100% GOD's hand was involved! There is absolutely no other answer to it.

I am so thankful to Dr. James Brevig who as my surgeon and to Dr. David Liang at Stanford for all the help he has provided to the website. As well as to all the folks who have sent in donations to help me keep the site going. I can't begin to tell you how much it has helped. I suffer from depression and have been on Lexapro for 13 years - since my AD and it's been a struggle to say the least. However, GOD WILLING, I will keep going one day at a time, as I CAN DO ALL THINGS through JESUS CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS ME! I am also praying for peace and comfort for this Friday's surgery and that GOD WILL make sure all of the cancer is removed successfully. I have to remain strong for my family and help support them. I believe that is why GOD's plan for me included this new challenge with Prostate Cancer. I started my <a href="http://BrianTinsley.com">BrianTinsley.com</a> site to chronicle my journey there.

Finally, if you shop at Amazon.com for anything, you can still do that, but by using my link in my "brown box" signature, that helps support the site as well as donations are very much appreciated. And........ just remember they are "optional" and should not be pressured. They are unconditional and not putting yourself in a bind...

God Bless,