As I approach my 13th year anniversary 8/22/16, I have now been dealt another opportunity to show my faith even more with this cancer. I would have honestly not found out had it not been for my need for a hip replacement. I was scheduled for my surgery on 4/4/16 and had to have a surgery within 30 days. So, for some reason (I know GOD's Intervention) Dr. Steve ordered a PSA test as well. So, I had no clue what that was. I got the call back that everything looked great.. but... my PSA was 5.0.. So, on to the Urologist and found out my Free PSA was 8.6% which anything below 10% was a pretty good sign of PC. However, all my DRE (Fingers you know where) revealed nothing unusual. It turns out a smaller prostate is actually worse they have found.
So, I was called into my Urologist office after spending $1400 for a 3T Multiparametric MRI of my pelvis and that was supposed to reveal if I had a more aggressive cancer. However, I fell into the 10% where it was missed. Onto the TRUS biopsy and 3 out of the 12 cores were not good. I got the call, "Brian, you have aggressive prostate cancer, it's a Gleason 9. So, he said get down here and get a Bone/CT and make sure that it has not spread. So, GOD's stepped in again and it showed nothing had appeared to have escaped the prostate. That was some what of a relief. So, my surgery was scheduled for 9/23/16 with Dr. John Corman at Virginia Mason, who is a great doctor. After a few days of researching and had already actually had a few buddies who had seen the GUY in the PNW to got to, it was Dr. James Porter at Swedish Medical. I had two more miracles, I got in to actually see him when I was told that the first appointment was 10/17 and the day they called me to tell me this, I said, "are you sure" you can't get me in? I am a Gleanson 8, it was reduced from the 9, which was a bit more good news. After 15 minutes she found a cancellation that very day at 3:30pm. So, I met with Dr. Porter and I knew right then and there he was the guy. But.. he said, he could not help me until after 11/17. So, he said he would give me a hormone shot to prevent the cancer from growing until late November when he would do the surgery. So, he goes out to get the nurse, I was praying for a sign that I was in the right place and comes back and says, "hold on a minute" and goes away and a couple minutes later, he says, "someone is looking out for you! and to go thank Jenn his scheduler as a spot on 8/26 at 7:40am had not confirmed so she put me in that spot. Unbelievable what GOD CAN REALLY DO! So, I started my other site, to chronicle my progress. I am hoping that the surgery goes perfectly as my right set of nerves and lymph nodes will be removed. The final word (GOD WILLING) will come from a pathology report of the prostate and lymph nodes to make sure it hasn't spread. I hope and PRAY GOD via his son Jesus Christ will completely rid that cancer out of my body. So, more to come on the surgery and success! God Bless Brian