Would you PLEASE help me make a difference in spreading the word about the AorticDissection disease?, I would appreciate it greatly! I am trying to do the best that I can to help others.


You can also mail a donation check to:

Brian Tinsley

c/o donation

2921 101st Place SE

Everett, WA 98208


Brian S. Tinsley

206 200 4917

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  1. Kim W Adams

    Hey Brian !!!
    Darn , you are such an inspiration! You have touched so many lives. I need to spend a week catching up with the site and you! How are you doing? My absence ? It’s been too long, I know.
    Just completed Tests that essentially mapped my brain function, deficits, and A map detailing a plan to help me re route signals around the damaged areas. 25 sessions over 12 months. and have been approved for a research group at the Center for Brain Health at Univ of Dallas. A small group of professionals with cog impairment. I will email you. My partner s company has ‘introduced The Center to my issues post Dissection and that so many of us struggle with the ‘new’ person post op. My goal? Maybe just maybe these folks will become our friends and do the research needed for PumpHEAD. Headed to your GoFundMe.
    I am
    An old friend,
    Kim W Adams
    (Wacky Dude)

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