Personal Stories: Julie Raines Hi everyone, I am a dissection survivor and I hope my story helps everyone that wonders “should I go to the hospital or am I OK”. […]

Personal Stories: Rick Mahes Hello Brian, I will briefly tell you my story: It was the day after thanks giving 1994 I was 31 years old at that time on […]

Personal Stories: Evelyne’s Husband Hello Brian and All My husband story is a combination of bad luck and Good luck started at age of 36 which is too early for any […]

Personal Stories: Rosa Lujan I also had an aortic dissection, this happened about 5 years ago (I was 30). Ten years prior to all of this I had been diagnosed […]

Personal Stories: Jennifer’s Husband-A sad story Hi my name is Jennifer my story doesn’t have a happy ending. My husband past away of a dissecting aortic aneurism in December of […]