Personal Stories: Rick Tomasinski Came across your site via Google as I was looking for information on the Aorta. I have read the personal stories and noticed that most have […]

Personal Stories: Paul Oberle Brian, you may have already received a message similar to this one, but since I wasn’t sure it went I decided to write again. I suffered […]

Personal Stories: Barbara Steven I‘m a 60 year old female who I thought was in relatively good health until on a Friday evening last June when I got home from […]

Personal Stories: My Dear Husband My husband had his aortic dissection 2 years ago. We were sitting down to dinner when he got a pain in his back that radiated […]

Personal Stories: Henry Church Hi Brian, I live in Zimbabwe and constantly travel the continent of Africa. I had been in some pretty rural and backward areas just days before […]

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Personal Stories: Tim Bailey Brian, My husband, Tim, had a dissection of the aorta in October. He was not properly diagnosed for it for an entire week. He had visited […]