Personal Stories: Robert Turowski I woke up the night after my 39th birthday with an intense burning in my chest. It felt like I had a burning pocket of gas […]

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Personal Stories: Ben Bynes Brian, I have an aortic dissection success story to share with you. It is my experience so far. I wish someone had a story like mine […]

Personal Stories: Karl Bjorklund Our son had no prior warning of an aortic dissection or any heart problems, except that he has had hypertension since the age of 12. It […]

Personal Stories: Tina Smith Hi everyone. My name is Tina Smith and I’m 38 now. I had never heard of this before and when it happened to John Ritter I […]

Personal Stories: Daryl O’Shea Found your website while trying to research more about aortic dissection.  my 35-year-old brother-in-law currently lies in a drug-induced coma, hopefully recovering from surgery to repair […]

Personal Stories: Fred Kania’s Son Hello Brian, I was somewhat relieved today when I talked with you about what happened to my son on July 17th. At about 11.30 am […]

Personal Stories: Chris Bedlam I wanted to share my brother’s story. I am filled with happiness when I read stories of survivors of aortic dissections but our story isn’t so […]

Personal Stories: Kari Ann Wagner I write this for my wife who had aortic dissection in Oct of 03. She was 31 years old. One even while doing dishes she […]

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