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Count Down Continues

Ok… I just had my last appointments on Tuesday. I met with the surgeon and his confidence is very apparent and that gives me confidence that he and the other surgeon Dr. Chris Burke will do well. It’s exactly 7 days from today. He said my valve will be very large and that replacing my old dacron tubing will be replaced if it’s too calcified. If so, they would do a Hemi Arch procedure. I am fine if he feels that is the best for me. All my paper work is done and my short term disability forms are also done now. 

More to come 🙂

Angiogram over and done with- Results were great

I had my Angiogram at the University of Washington the day before Thanksgiving. I was nervous but it turned out to be pretty easy and aside from some pain in my right wrist where they went in, it was a piece of cake.

My results which I have not seen yet out on my eCare website per my surgeon were great -all clear he said. My next things are my two appointments on 12/10. One with the anesthesiologist and then right after that, with my surgeon Gabe to sign the non consent forms.

When I was getting ready for the Angiogram, I was imaging as if it was my actual surgery day and I think it gave me some confidence.

It’s kind of weird how your mind starts to play tricks on you that this might be “it” and it meaning, you might not make it. I am trying to think 180 degrees opposite and say, this will be the best and most successful surgery that Dr. Gabe and Dr. Chris Burke have ever done!

I have got my paperwork started for time off at work. I am hoping to be out of the hospital by Christmas Eve and that will be the best Christmas present ever. My time off work is 4-6 weeks and I have a ton of vacation time that I can also use, but with my short term, plus some of my vacation, I am going to be paid out at 100% of my regular salary and commission.

I am praying to GOD for a miracle that everything goes as planned and that I make it out the other side and granted probably not going to be feeling 100%, but just to see my wife and kids and parents and brother will be great!

More to come 🙂

11/12/2019 is my meeting with Dr. Gabriel Aldea and my family

Well, tomorrow is more evidence that it’s going to happen on 12/19/2019. I am scheduled to review the plan tomorrow with the doctor and my parents/wife.
I am hopeful that I will get more peace about the surgery and the process of what will occur. I am hopeful that it will be a success. I am also hoping and praying for a speedy recovery and be able to get back to sleeping again. Right now, I am struggling to get a good night’s sleep. My valve is waking me up at night and causing me to have to try and sleep in my lazy boy chair. In fact today, I had to actually leave work early and come home and take a nap – I was so tired.

I know that this Christmas will be different and I am hoping to be home on Christmas Eve. That will be 5 days in the hospital and I believe 16.5 years ago, I was in the hospital for a week last time.

More to come.. I will update later about my meeting tomorrow 🙂

It’s time for my aortic valve and aortic root replacement and perhaps other things

Well, I am set to meet with Dr. Gabriel Aldea and will have my wife and parents with me. This is 11/12/19. I just hope that my left ventricle will be able to recover and that I have not waited too long. After watching this video below:

I am not going to put this off any longer. I have really slowed down and noticing my couch time has increased. I have continued to play tennis – mostly doubles and even my doubles, I am just not as sharp of a player or confident in my game. What I am really hoping is that this new valve/root combination will perhaps allow me to start jogging again. Based on my dissection, it goes from both carotid arteries (half way) all the way down to my left illiac artery. So, I used to run quite a bit in my younger days and even ran 6 marathons. There is nothing more rewarding that going for a great run – I really miss the inability to not run. My calf muscles feel like they are starving for blood and get achy.

I feel lucky to be in the hands of the experts at the University of Washington and under Gabe’s leadership and with the assistance of Dr. Christopher Burke.

I just am hoping that over the last 16.5 years the technology and recovery will be a bit easier and that I can get back on my feet and be independent soon. My surgery is scheduled for 12/19/19. I will definitely be messing with our family tradition of Christmas Eve at my folks house and Christmas morning here and my sister in law coming over with her 2 kids for breakfast. But…. I simply can’t push it any longer -especially after watching that video from the Cleveland Clinic.

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