I had my echocardiogram done today, then I had an EKG done as well. And, they want me to come back for a MRI/MRA in 3 weeks. I am already dreading that tube for 45 minutes…. but… I will push forward and get over my fear. My other fear that came about today was the possibility of having to have my aortic value (bicuspid valve disease) is what I have. I have a small to moderate leak and she said some calcification as well. So, I am just hoping that it’s going to last me for a long while and I can just continue on my journey in life trying to give back and help others. My heart sank when I heard that news, however, who am I kidding, that’s why you have echocardiograms done every so often is to keep an eye on the valve and the leaking. My resting heart rate was 40 and they were concerned that it was too low, so I am cutting my dose of Toporol XL 200mgs to 100mgs.

It’s amazing all the different kind of folks you see at the hospital and just how lucky you are. I saw so many folks, lots of whom had their life partners with them. I am so thankful for my beautiful wife and my loving children. I got my new labtop computer today, bought it off ebay and I also got me an Ipod Classic to get some Podcasts of my favorite preachers, like Charles Stanley, John MacArthur and Allister Begg. I am a bit behind the times, but, I wanted to be able to listen to them before I go to bed at night.

My new cardiologist is Catherine M. Otto, MD, FACC. She’s a Professor of Medicine and the J. Wark Kennedy-Hamilton Endowed Chair in Cardiology and director of Cardiology Fellowship Programs. And, associated director of the Echocardiography. Wow! She’s talented!
I also had a fellow who I saw as well who was really nice and helpful. It’s all in GOD’s hands about what happens to me from here on out, but…. I know that Jesus Christ died for my sins and that he rose again and is coming back to save his children and I am so thankful for that and his love and everlasting grace.