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I am finally going to do something about my flying issues

I purchased the Fearless Flight Kit from captain Ron Nielsen and wrote him an email explaining my situation and how it’s been since I’ve been on a jet liner. I am approaching 15 years I bet! My son was crying the other night as he wants to go to Hawaii so bad or just go on a vacation. It’s taken a toll on my wife and daughter as well that their dad is a coward. Well… No More! I am sick and tired of this once and for all!

I am trying to find a new job and most of these jobs require some travel. In the past, I would just skip those and that would be the first thing that I would scan for in the job requirements section. That’s crazy!  I don’t want to be 75 years old sitting in my rest home wishing that I had gone on some vacations instead of living in constant fear of what “might” happen, versus reality of just being in GOD and having the FAITH to believe that GOD IS WATCHING over me and that everyone will die some day and that it’s not up to me to pick that date/time, it’s me living in the palm of GOD’S hand and to keep my eyes focused on the CROSS.

I am really feeling and hoping that this will work out with captain Ron. I am also hoping that my interview with goes well. I had my phone interview yesterday and am looking forward to meeting them in person. I believe that this is a tremendous opportunity for me to excel there.

I can do ALL things through CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS ME! That is the verse that I am re-dedicating my life to. Paul said “ALL” things, not some thing and not others, but ALL things through CHRIST who strengthens me! If GOD is for me, WHO can be against me?

Played some singles today and split sets with my friend Dr. Steve. He’s a great guy! I also met with Dr. Strup about my Varicose veins and we have a plan of attack on how to fix them. I am waiting for my insurance approval. It’s going to be 6 weeks out that I am supposed to where the stockings first. I hope that United Health Care approves it.

Take care!


Still trying to find that job!

I had what I thought was the perfect job, but come to find out the territory was in Chicago, even though the position was based out of Redmond Wa. So, that’s been a bit of a downer today. I took my son to get his frog a bigger tank and we ended up getting 2 more fish and a new tank for him. He paid for it this time!

My daughter leaves for 4 days to go with a friend to their lake property. I will miss her! I love her and my entire family so, so, so much!

I have another phone interview tomorrow with a company called and I hope that this goes well. I also applied for a job at Boeing, Intermec, TMobile and a few others today. 

My wife is really feeling the stress of me not working and it’s getting to my family and me personally as it’s the most stressful time of my life. I hate this not having a life where I go to work everyday and feel confident about my ability to provide for my family. This is a tremendous burden that I have got to find a way out of. I know that GOD is testing my patience and has something out there for me! I am hoping and praying that a job comes to fruition soon! My blood pressure is starting to rise!

Well, our tennis season is over, we lost in the first round of the playoffs 5-0, nobody even won a match! I also lost in the quarters of the Seattle City Realestate gals 45’s draw to David Larsen. He ended up winning it over a guy name Chris Romeny who took out the best player in our draw, or at least on paper hand a national 45 ranking, Howard Mendel. Oh well, Howard must have had a bad day, but I’ve seen Romney play and he’s good too!

I got my HD TV set finally going and it’s a real treat watching this HD serious on when we went to the Moon. I can not even fathom how incredible our space program is and what we’ve been able to accomplish and those who have perished as a result of pushing the envelope.

Bye for now! Got to watch my “when we landed on the moon” program and playing early tennis tomorrow. I am also going to have my varicose veins look at by Dr. Strup in Monroe, apparently he’s the resident vein expert around here.


Interview at 12:30pm today with Free and Clear

I applied for a project management position with this company and have an interview (phone) today at 12:30. I am hoping it goes well. The company, http://www.freeclear.comis about how to help big companies get their employees help to quit smoking. It’s completely non-telecom related and would be a breath of fresh air. I sent in my application to the http://www.pmi.orggroup for the pmp certification program. I got approved and now I am studying for the exam. In fact, I just paid $1850 to take the Velocitech 3 day PMP Prep Course in hopes that it will help me pass the exam. I was involved a many projects while at MCI/Verizonbusiness and I think that this certification will help open more doors.

I can honestly look back at all the projects that I have been involved with and it’s hundreds and for the life of me, less than 1% were done with MS Project. Most were just done with a simple Excel spread sheet for tracking action items. I hope that this class will help me with future projects/employment opportunities.

I am in the Seattle City Real Estate Gals Men’s 45’s this weekend. I think I am the #3 seed. I am hoping to win this tournament. I am also in the USTA 4.5 Play offs this same weekend as well. It should be a busy weekend of tennis!



Monday Morning-Cloudy outside


It’s Monday am and I just got done filing my UE for last week. I am hoping that this week something’s going to pan out that GOD will show me where I am going to be working. I have a few irons in the fire and hopefully, it’s going to happen this week.

I also ended up winning the Seattle City 4.5 Tennis Tourney again. That’s two years in a row! I had  a really great tournament and played well.  I am scheduled to play in the Seattle City Mens 45 age division tournament this June 16-22nd. I hope to win that and have the talent to do it. I am truly a singles player and my doubles is just not near as good of a game.

We lost our last USTA league match to Nordstrom Tennis team last night 3-2. It was very close and in fact, our #2 singles player lost in a 3rd set tie breaker. My partner had to pull out in the first game of the 2nd set due to a pulled hamstring muscle. We will play this team in the first round of the playoffs.

Have a great week!


An incredible and beautiful weekend!

Well.. It would have been really great had I won my tennis tournament. The guy that I lost to won it. It turns out that we had known of each other 10 years ago and I actually bought my first stringer from him. It was my first outdoor match and man…. the sun was right in my eyes on one side and it had to have been 100+ on the court as it was 90 degrees that day.

There’s a chance that I am hoping and praying and (please pray for me to land the “key account manager ” position at Philips Medical Systems) as I am unemployed at this time and DO NOT LIKE IT ONE BIT! I feel terrible that I am without a job and although Satan would like to make me feel even worse, I am going to and will rise above the “down and out” guy, but rather using this time to PRAISE THE LORD for all that he’s done for me. The message today was about Gideon and how he was called by GOD to be a mighty warrier.  And.. not to fear that GOD WOULD BE WITH HIM. Gideon was a bit like the “doubting Thomas” figure in the bible in that he constantly needed proof by GOD that he was going to do what he said he would do. I hadn’t really knew all the details and this message today from Judges. Here’s a great overview:

What really struck me is that the amount of men, if I believe around 300 that would tackle the 135,000 army and prevail over them with GOD’s Help. God NEVER lies and the words of the bible, every one of them are TRUE. I am personally realizing more and more that FAITH, (believing in thy heart and confessing with thy tongue) that what ever you ask, be it for GOD’s Glory, that it will happen. You just need to believe it’s already happened and act (Faith) on it. I am believing by faith that I was recently healed of my fear of flying and that SATAN’s hold of that fear has been terminated by GOD once and forall.

I am praying that the Philips job really happen and by FAITH, I AM BELIEVING that GOD WILL MAKE IT COME TRUE.

Good night!


My daughter was student of the month!

I went to see my daughter receive her award for “determination” and it’s true-she’s very determined to do things well. She’s an A student and a super student council 3 time repeat winner!

I played tennis today with Steve and we split this time. I was down 5-2 in the second, came back to get to 5-5 and up 40 love and he went on a rampage! Needless to say, he won the set.  He and I are going to play doubles this weekend and ARE going to win!

I got official notice that my first day with Comcast is the 27th of May! So, that’s great news! God does do miracles and answers prayers! My parents and friends, along with myself were praying that I would get a job soon!

I got my car fixed today at Rodland Toyota. My friend had tried to fix it and ended up stripping the threads out when he tried to put on a Napa filter. $150.00 later, I got it working finally. Now, I am just hoping the smell of gas goes away soon! Speaking of car issues, my wife was in a panic this morning as the Expedition somehow was stuck in 4 wheel drive mode. I rushed home, put in neutral and heard it slip back into the “normal” two wheel drive condition.

The 16th is my severance day pay date and I just found out that I will get UE for the week ending the 9th, 16th and 23rd.

Tonight is my daughter’s youth group and we’ll have to figure something out for an early dinner.

Take Care,

Monday morning-Nice sunny day here in Everett Wa.

Wow… We managed to pull off a victory in our USTA match last evening against the Seattle Tennis club. The match came down to our #1 Singles versus their #1 Singles. We pulled in out in the super tie breaker in the 3rd.

I didn’t play well in my USTA 45 singles finals and lost 6-2, 6-3. I had split sets with the guy last time and could have played much better and beat him. I will get him next time for sure.

I got a call from my old boss at Verizon last Friday, he’d left me a voice mail and it was nice to hear what he had to say. I spoke with him on Saturday am and we are going to do lunch with some of the folks possibly this week.

I think I will go to the track today and/or go for a long walk or perhaps a bike ride. It’s such a nice day out. I actually think a bike ride would be fun!

Need to get the emission test on the Expedition as the tabs are due. I also filed for UE last week and I am hoping to get a few payments, at least 1 for all the money that I contributed into that fund.

Ok.. Gotta run!


Tired and ready for bed!

It’s only 8:26pm and I am ready to hit the hay! I had a 2 hour tennis match this morning in the Semi finals that I won 6-3, 7-6. I play in the finals tomorrow at 9:30am.

It was my son’s last lacrosse game today and my parents came over to watch it. They really enjoyed it. My son’s got a friend over for a while as my wife is out with the kids mother for a “girls night” out for a while. My daughter is doing the elliptical and I am fighting to stay awake!

Got word that I will be working out of the Lynnwood Comcast office where my friend is the VP of sales for Comcast.

I ate too much at the BBQ party we had after the Lacrosse match… Urgh!

Just got a call that we might have another player we can pick up tomorrow for our USTA match at 4:45pm. Otherwise, we’d have to default a doubles match.

I just got an email from a gal who just had her surgery at Stanford from Dr. Reitz and Dr. Timic and it sounds like it went great for her. I am so thankful to hear that!

Gotta run!


I got my offer letter from Comcast yesterday

I got the “official” offer letter for the job at Comcast. I am going to take my drug test today and then send it back to Comcast. I am most likely going to start around the end of May.

My daughter on student council again and she was so happy to win again for the 3rd straight year.

Our last lacrosse game is this Saturday and then the BBQ. I have my first round of the Harbour Square-Western Washington Invitational this Saturday. I am the number one seed. I played with George this morning, I got him 6-3 and he got me 7-6.

I am playing well again! Lot’s of confidence in my game!

I need to fix my light fixture that turns on my outside lights in front of the house. I apparently broke it when I was taking out my son’s mattress!

I am getting my fuel filter replaced in my Camry tomorrow.

Gotta run!


Happy Monday!

The day started out with taking my daughter to her school and helping her hang up her posters for Student Council for next year. She’s been in the group for the last 2 years in a row! I am sure she’ll be there for her last year!

I took my car into Brian Maddy-he’s a tennis buddy and owns his own auto shop. He’s good! He’s not cheap! But, I get to watch him do the work! I had him put 6 new plugs in, change the automatic transmission fluid and put a new filter in.  It turns out my timing belt was done at 90K, so around 180K we can do it again-plus water pump/seals etc.

I found out that I am covered for medical/dental/vision up till 2/2/2009 and I am supposed to start Comcast in late May, however, their benefits take 60 days to become effective.

Well, I got into the tourney this weekend and I am looking forward to it. I also have a USTA match on Sunday (Mother’s Day) that is at the Seattle Tennis Club-fancy place! You have to wear all white, or.. not playing there!

We are still in first place so far!


Good Morning! Saturday early and ready for some doubles

It’s Saturday morning and I got up at 5:30am today and had some coffee and tried to get a few things done.  I have a USTA match today at 4pm, originally at 9pm and they asked to have 2 matches earlier at 4pm. However, I have only got confirmation that our #1 singles is going to be played early. I sent the captain and tennis director a note stating that my partner and I are showing up at 4pm and they need to have a team there for the match-or it will be a default.

I need to figure out about my health care coverage for when I get laid off on 5/2, until I start my new job on or around late May. I read the benefits for Comcast and it turns out that you don’t get benefits with them until after 60 days. So, I believe the COBRA program is what I will need to be using.

According to my new boss to be, the Comcast benefits are great! So, I am anxious to be able to get my family on that plan when I am available to participate in it.

My son is having a sleep over with his friend Palmer today and my daughter’s singing at the church for something and then she and my wife are going to a play at the King’s school this evening.

I am sure glad the car situation is over with-I really like this car, it’s super clean and drives really nice! I took it in to get the oil changed and a sales man walked by and was looking it over and couldn’t believe how nice it looked for a 1995 Camry XLE. What’s funny is I said to myself, I don’t like that Gold package on cars, but.. what do you know.. this has it and I don’t mind at all!

My plans are to get my last check on 5/2, then apply for Unemployment for about a month or so and then take part of my severance package and get out of debt and put the rest into a savings account for my kids college funds.

It’s all coming together. My faith in the LORD is increasing and my confidence is as well that I am over this fear of flying thing that it’s all in my “head” and there’s NOTHING that I can’t overcome with JESUS CHRIST with me. The bible is 100% true and I believe it. Perfect Love casts out all fear! I can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens me!

Have a great day!


9:00pm on Friday evening.. It’s still snowing!

Wow… We are in the midst of a mini snow storm here in South Everett, WA. I am about ready to hit the hay and am getting up for my Saturday am doubles at 7am. My buddy Jack called this evening to play at 8:30pm, but there were not courts available. We are both thinking of joining the Mill Creek Tennis club and getting out of the Columbia club as you can never get a court time. MC is more geared for serious tennis players and that’s pretty much all I do at the club is play tennis, don’t use the pool or weights or anything else.

I spoke with a lady in Portland, OR about a 1990 Camry she had for sale. I am going to see if she calls me on Tuesday about it. It’s only got 115,000 miles on it and those cars go forever. We need to sell the Expedition or just keep it in the garage as it’s just too expensive to drive.

My daugther’s play (Music Man) is on Sunday and Monday evening. My parents are coming over for the Sunday evening show.

I emailed the guy back about the Comcast position as my wife thinks I should pursue it further. So, I am possibly going to meet them in person on next Thursday as they have a meeting with Boeing in South Seattle.

Good Night!



Happy Wednesday! Guess what? It’s raining in Seattle!

Wow, I can’t believe that it’s raining!  Oh well, that’s why they invented indoor tennis!  My son has a his lacrosse game this evening on the turf and it will have the scoreboard and his cousins are coming to the game as well. All the team is very excited for a bunch of 3rd/4th graders! It should be fun.

I am going to take back my computer and gather a few things from my desk at the office and leave everything else there.

I got an email from a recruiter with Comcast about a National Account Sales position that I had applied for about a week ago. They are going to call me today. And, on Thursday, I have my phone interview with Philips about the customer service 4 position/sales assisting position. I really think this sounds like the closest thing to what I have been doing and it’s also getting me going in the direction of the “medical” field which is where I want my next career to go.

I have my second Virtual Reality Flying session with Brian today at 0900am. Then another on Friday, I am trying to get in as many as I can so my insurance will still cover it with Verizon.

I am also hoping today that my new strings come so I can get a few rackets strung. I have been playing with a “hybrid” string combination (Signum Pro Poly Plasma and Gosen Synthetic) for the last year or so.. However, I miss the “fee” gut like of the ball and I feel I have more control when I can feel it, so I am going to go back and try Tecnfibre NRG2 16 gauge again. I like the string, it’s very powerful!

Ok.. gotta run and get ready for the day!


Sunday morning…. The day after after our first USTA loss

Well, I had a bad feeling about this match. I knew this team well as I had played for them last year. Sure enough, the stacked their singles and doubles where we stacked our Singles only. We lost our #2 singles match, which was really the number one singles. Joe had never lost and Winston was a rock solid singles player ranked in the 35’s. He smoked Joe 6-2, 6-2. Jack won at #1, who is usually our #2 and is undefeated. Our #1 doubles played their #3 and lost in a 3rd set TB, our #2 team which we played at #3, was against their #1 team. We got smoked 6-2, 6-1 and our #3 playing at #2 also got smoked. They killed us in all our doubles, we’ve got to find a better match up and at least be able to win a doubles.

I know that I didn’t play that well either! Thinking of a racket change, but it’s really all upstairs with me and getting focused for the entire match.

On to a different subject, I am hoping that I can get a car soon! I am still looking! I am going into the office on Monday, for what actually might and probably is my last day and will turn in my computer and badges. That’s just the reality of the situation, I am hoping that something comes up on the job front soon. I want to get back to being more stable.

I did have my first Virtual Reality Flying Therapy session and it went well. Not nervous at all!

OK.. Got to get some breakfast and ready for church!


Interesting last few days!

Wow.. where do I begin! Let’s see, I had my interview with T-Mobile for the Infrastructure Analyst 3 position yesterday, that was OK.. I however, don’t want to write technical documents and sit behind a desk. I am a people person.

My car situation: I was rear-ended my my wife driving our Expedition and it totalled my 1994 Geo Prizm. I had purchased a 1988 Honda Accord only to have my wife and kids hate it. So, I sold it yesterday to another family and got $2500.00 for it. I bought it for $2000.00 but put an additional $700 bucks for brakes,muffler and cv boots. Oh well.. I got another rental car from Hertz so I can take my time to find something better.

I applied for a Progam Manager position at Sonosite in Bothell, WA today and the recruiter is going to be in contact with me soon.

My dad called today as I told him I would sell the Honda to him, but he was a bit slow and it sold off Craigslist in about 20 minutes.

I have gained back about 10lbs from all the stress in my life lately with the RIF coming from Verizon on 5/2 and the car situation, but… I am realizing that I can beat this and come back even stronger.

Oh… one more thing, I am trying the “virtual reality” flying help thing. I have my first actual demo on Saturday.

Speaking of Saturday, we have our USTA 4.5 match against Harbor Square that evening at 6:30pm and hopefully we’ll come out with a win and be 5-0! I am playing some singles tomorrow with Jack and played doubles this morning. But, it’s the Singles that takes the weight off!


Picked up another player for the 4.5 team-former USC player

My good buddy Jack, on my team, said that he contacted this doctor who played for the USC team and is in his mid thirties. We could definitely use him and he will be a strong addition to the team. I guess he only plays once a month, but… we need more players. We only have 9 and it’s just not enough. I am hoping he can play this Sunday’s match for us.

Why my blog is more about me than about my AD

I really like to journal. I think it’s healthy for you to put your ideas on a piece of paper or in this case a computer. It’s an outlet for me to focus on other things than my Aortic Dissection. I have spent the last 4.5 years working on my website, and it’s time that I begin to focus back on my personal life. At 45 years of age, it seems like things are all finally coming together for me. Granted, I am getting laid off from the first job that I have had since college, it’s still a new beginning/chapter in my life for me where I am feeling more grounded than ever before. A sense of peace and more joy about living each day.

If you haven’t, I would recommend you check out the Max Lucado website. He’s got a couple great videos! I like the Facing your Giants one a ton!

 I also like John MacArthur as well. He’s the most knowledgeable person out there!

Thanks and have a great day!


Team Columbia/Silver Lake is 3-0! Off to a great start!

I am the captain of the 4.5 club team. We are off to an undefeated start. We are going to start getting into the better teams coming up. I haven’t had a chance to play #2 singles as I have let Jack play. I lost at #2 doubles last week and lost at #3 doubles the prior week, Jack and I played #2 doubles on our first match and won.  I also want to play some 45’s Men’s Singles to work on my ranking for the PNW. This year the ranking system has changed to how well you do in tournaments. I finished #7 last year.

 I need to see who are are playing on the 6th and put the line up together. We only have 9 guys and Erik is out, so everyone else is going to have to play!



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