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Ifound this drawing today searching around. It’s very good at showing all the various parts of the aorta. It’s Saturday and my wife is studying, my son’s playing X-box and I have been trying to do some studying myself. I am trying to get back into studying for my CCENT/CCNA exams. I got side-tracked and was working on my other website, and I had spent quite a bit of time working on it. However, I am not sure that I really wanted to have another website about me, when this site, is truly my passion and it’s really about me and my life -living with an aorticdissection.

My daughter went to some Christian band concert in Seattle with her friends and I am hoping that they have a good time and make it back safely. She’s going to be taking her driver’s license test soon -she’s already passed the written. I have been playing tennis again and we won our first USTA league match last week. However, I am going to miss this next weeks match, it’s the talent show and my daughter is singing and playing the guitar. As well as, my parents are going to be coming over as well. Oh well, I’ll have to get a substitute for me. I think we’ll still have a strong team.

I signed up for the new Comcast home security monitoring and I cancelled my ADT today. Comcast is now getting into the home security business and I will be one of the first ones around here. It’s all wireless and I am going to have a camera inside the house so I can spy on my dog when I am at work! LOL!

Well, it’s getting to be dinner time and my goodness, my dog stinks…. I took her for a walk and let her get into the lake down the street and wooooooooooooosh… she’s sitting next to me and I think she smell like duck poop! 🙂

Out with the OLD and in with the NEW…Hopefully a better New!

Today was my last day at my old job. It was a 2 year to the date career move after my 6 month stent at Global Crossing and prior to that my six day short of 20 years at MCI/Verizon. I start my new career at Comcast on 3/14 and I have the next week off to get ready for the changes that are ahead. I am hoping to finish our my career with a “dream job” and I am looking forward to the change. I decided that I am working towards my CCNA and I am studying for the level right below that right now and will take that first test and then move onto the CCNA and eventually become a CCNA with the the VOIP certification. It’s a great goal and I WILL do it!

I got my bill for my MRA that was actually a two-part MRA, one of my chest (heart) and the other from the heart down to my ankles. It’s going to cost me $1100.00. I am hoping that I can make payments! My calf has also been bothering me, it’s the calf that they said they saw some “stenosis” behind my right calf in the peroneal(sp) artery. I am scheduled for a test a week from today. I did have Dr. David Liang review my MRA’s and he said that it looked fine and that it was a “blood clot” from my original dissection back on 8/22/2003.

My daughter has made the JV tennis team at her highschool and she’s wanting to be the best singles player on JV and try to move up. She took it kind of hard that she didn’t make varsity, but.. she’s only just started playing and is a sophomore. I am trying to help teach here. I finished #5 in the PNW for the Men’s 45 age division! I made the hall of fame at our club and get my picture put up in a ceremony this month. I am also the captain of the 4.5 Men’s USTA team for our club as well, and we have our first match coming up on the 20th and the following weekend, I am going to Portland for the big tourney in Oregon.

I got a new coffee maker today, I bought it off ebay and it’s a Capresso and I just wanted a good cup of drip coffee. Granted, I have a Keurig, but it was just not doing it for me! I like the process of grinding the beans, the water and the smell!!!

Have a nice weekend!
Brian 🙂

I had my final MRA done today… Glad that is over!

I had my second part of my MRA. I had my original ascending Aorta to mid aorta and then today the kidneys down to my toes. I had it done at the U of W. They were great and made it as enjoyable as possible. When I had the first one done, I was very nervous and actually had to have the guy stay in there and touch my head a few times. I recommend NOT opening your eyes at all. This one today, I was in a fence like apparatus that kept my body/legs from moving and had a different kind of solution that they one a few weeks ago. The reason was that this (they told me more expensive) solution lasted longer.

I got to see some of the pictures or my insides and it was amazing! From what they said, it looked pretty good as well as that is what they said when I got my heart one done. They said that they didn’t see any growth.

I am ready for bed, got to get up at 4:50am for my Thursday doubles. Tomorrow evening is my first round of my tennis tourney in the Men’s 45 division.


Remembering a few Tennis Greats!

Wow… I was looking over my Vitas Gerulaitis tribute that I had put together and discovered this morning that I actually have 2 sets of autographs; one of which has, Vitas G, Harold Soloman, Peter Fleming, Rosco Tanner, J. Clerc. The other one has Vitas, Jimmy Connors, Bjorn Borg and Tim Gullikson. I didn’t know that I had this one card with “2” greats that are no longer with the tennis community.

I put this memorial together for Vitas as I attended what I believe to be his last tournament he played in before his unfortunate death. I am a big fan of tennis and granted, it almost killed me, due to my aorticdissection while playing tennis, I am still back out there trying to get back into shape. I am fortunate to have a second chance at life and this is inspiring to me to know that my small memorial is very treasured to me.

Watching the US Open

Wow.. this is my favorite time of the year, being able to watch the US Open. I was kind of in my own US Open playing in the Yakima Sectional tennis tourney in Yakima WA. I drove 300 miles there and back on Saturday and won my first match, then had a rematch of my Lakewood Tacoma WA match opponent and just didn’t play that well. I had thought I would start much better… Oh well, back to the drawing board and more practice and training.  I will eventually beat that guy, next time for sure!

My friend, Jack who was the guy that I was playing on the clay at 40 when I had my dissection was playing his first round on Saturday am (we drove over together) and his opponent after the first set said his chest hurt, he was short of breath and his arms were going numb.  Jack called 911 and and luckily for his opponent, the got there fairly quickly (within 1 hours time) is the time you need to be in the hospital and having your surgery to place your stent in if you have a chance to survive the heart attack. Fortunately, this guy was lucky! We stopped by and checked on him before we left town.

Have a great rest of the weekend!

Brian 🙂

My parents 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration

This was at Lake Chelan and Owen was the only one to catch a fish! Both my dad and I struck out! We had a blast going fishing and even went fishing around home when we returned and had better luck. This was a picture at my parents 50th wedding anniversary. We had a great dinner and everyone had a fantastic time. We are so thankful for having great parents who set a tremendous example for how to stay married!

This weekend I ended up winning the Men’s A Tennis Tournament at the Mukilteo Festival Tennis Event. I was so thrilled to be back in the winners circle again! I am headed over to Yakima for the sectionals this Labor Day Weekend. I am going over with my buddy who’s playing in the 50’s and I am in the 45’s. I have more confidence now and maybe I can pull this one off. After that tournament, I am in the Amy Yee tennis event in Seattle. I have back to back week long tournaments.  I just love the US Open and was just watching Roger playing, but my son wanted to watch Sponge Bob! My son got his ASB card today and is excited to start school. My daughter is going to youth group this evening. I am getting up early tomorrow to play some doubles then onto work.  Speaking of work, we are getting ready to move and towards the end of November, we’ll be in the Rainier Tower.

Good Morning-Happy Saturday!

This is kind of an optical illusion that I found searching the web. I thought it was pretty interesting. It’s been a while since my last post. I just posted a couple of new incredible stories. I am also looking for a site sponsor and hoping that something works out there. I really think that a company that is in the related field would do well on my site. I get readers from all over the world.

It’s Saturday and I am still having some back issues. I played in the WA State Open Tennis tournament, lost in the first round again….. I don’t think I have won a round in that tournament ever! I started in the 35’s! I decided after my loss, well.. it has to be the rackets (LOL), so I got on line and found a guy in Florida, who had bought the rackets I wanted to switch to. He’d actually bought 6 of them and 3 had a 4 1/2 grip and 3 with 4 3/8. And, the really cool thing… he had put leather grips on them. But, they were too big, he kept the 4 3/8 and sold me the 4 1/2 ones. They are supposed to arrive this Monday/Tuesday. And, I am going to a lower string tension. This apparently is a little secret that you can do with the “poly” strings and I am excited.

My daughter is taking driver’s ed now and I am going to have to get her a call in a year or so. She’s driving my 1995 Camry with 198,000 miles on it. Wow… I need a newer car. We also have a 1997 Expedition (gas guzzler) that has 165,000 miles on it. I need a financial miracle so I can get a newer car that is better on gas! I am coming up on my 7 year anniversary (8/22/2010) as well as my 16 year wedding anniversary. But the most important date is my parents are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary on 8/21/2010.

I am feeling a little groggy this morning, not to mention a headache. I had Honey Nut Cheerios for dinner and then I walked over to my neighbors and asked him for a beer. I had 2.5 Coors beers. Since I don’t really like to drink and never have, I am paying for it a little this morning. The swing set is working out and I am still trying to get the grass growing around it.

Take care,

Busy Saturday….

Perfect beauty-God’s wonderful creations. The butterfly! I love this picture as it’s so peaceful to me. Well, it’s been a bit since I posted. I am hopefully going to finish up my daughter’s swing set tomorrow. My dad is coming over again and this time with my brother as well. I just got back from Lowe’s and bought 12 80lbs bags of quickcrete and 10 60 lbs as well. I have 2 giagantic holes to set the posts in for the set.

I am also in the semi-finals of the tennis tournament in Lakewood Tacoma WA today at 4pm. I will plan on wining this match and making it to the final on Sunday morning. If all goes well and according to plan, I will be in my first 45’s final on Sunday. And… have a shot a winning it!

My daughter just got her driving permit and starts drivers ed this next Monday. My wife has taken her to a few parking lots to practice. OMG… what happened to my little girl! My sons growing like a weed too! He’s got an echo cardiogram schedule for early August at Children’s and I pray to the GOOD LORD that he’s got a normal size aorta. It also turns out that my brother has a mild case of Mitral Valve prolaspe.  I have referred him to my cardiologist, Dr. Alex Sytman and hopefully he’s keeping an eye on it. I will remind him when I see him tonight for my victory beer celebration after I win my semi-final match.

I need to get my echo cardiogram scheduled for myself as well. It will be 7 years on 8/22/2010. I think I am going to do my next CT/Angio in 2 years. Man…. I can’t seem to think straight.. My AD was on 8/22/2003.  I am so thankful to be alive and able to spend time with my family and playing tennis again.

OK.. Take care!

Brian 🙂

Persistance is the “key” to life-keep on fighting!

Incredible victory today for John Isner. It’s hard to imagine a match going this long and for both of them to continue to fight and fight. Forget who won the match, they both won! The fact that they were such good sportsmen and they showed so much class the entire match – it was magical! I managed to watch the last 4 games on my computer as work. I had no idea it was even happening! I have a cold and feeling like crap the last few days. I just took some Advil cold medicine and it seems to have help my sinuses a bit. I still have this nagging cough however. Oh well, I can only get better!

It’s been relatively hot the last few days near 70 degrees here and it’s about time! I can’t wait to get my new bird feeders in so I can watch the birds. This time, I got squirrel proof one and hopefully those little buggers won’t be able to crack into the seeds.I hope some one reading this blog will make an anonymous donation soon. With my wife out of work, and me making less 50% less than I used to make, times are tough! If you feel it in your heart, you can make a donation here.

I am so glad tomorrow is Friday, this has been a long week and feeling like crap, makes it that much harder. I hope to make it to work tomorrow. Don’t forget to visit the aorticdissection/forums and hook up with some other AD survivors.

Take care,

Tough Loss Tonight-I shouldn’t have even played!

Any body&#8217 in their right mind, would not attempted to have played a singles tennis match like I tried this evening. I had injured my back on Sunday and decided that I could wear my brace, strap the ben gay pad on my back, take 3 Advil and attempt to play competitive singles. Well, 6-0,6-0 should be ringing loud and clear to me that I made a big mistake. I should have just defaulted as that’s what I had actually done the day before, I thought my first round was Thursday evening. So, I had emailed the tournament director to find a replacement and he said I was a day ahead of myself!

It’s now back to the drawing board to not only get my back and abs back in shape, but to also get my mind in focus to become a competitive singles player again. This back issue was a real eye opener that I MUST stretch out prior to playing for at least 15 minutes and have the same routine after playing.

I think with some better strectching exercises and a commitment to getting my back completely “back” on track, I can be competitive again. I still have the entire summer of tennis tourney’s to play in and get to the top of my game. In retrospect, playing when injured and more importantly – if you have not chance of winning the tournament is a bad idea. I got the message of humiliation and feel quite humbled that I got my butt kicked!

Good night!

My tennis game.. and stringing dilemma

Well, after playing with my Prince Oversize 107 rackets for 25 years, I have decided to switch.. Or did I? I ordered 3 new Head MicroGel Extreme Pro’s and had leather grips put on them, but never gave them a chance as I was having issues with overheads and forehands. So, after selling my Prince’s on ebay, I ordered 2 more Graphites, strung one, went to the wall, hit a few balls and realized that the HMP really were my new sticks. However, I had already sold them too! So, I had to ask the buyer to listen to my story and I gave him the funds back and have been watching my rackets travel to Arkansas and now are on the way back.

Next problem… I sold my stringer too! Then, I decided to get the new Top of the Line, LaserFibre Quantum. That’s what I ordered last week and was told it would ship out this Friday, 11/7/08. However, that got shipped out yesterday and left my bank account in a negative situation. I contacted the LaserFibre folks and asked them what happened? I also asked for a refund of the shipping charges as it’s the least that they can do for the screw up that they caused me!

Oh.. the game of tennis! 🙂


Some Tennis , Fear, and an interview in afternoon

I played my usual Thursday am singles with Dr. George this morning. I lost the first set 7-5 and it was 4-4 in the 2nd when we ran out of the court time. It’s amazing how your mind can wonder all over the place while in the middle of a competitive singles match. I noticed that I was feeling a bit depressed for some reason. I didn’t play that bad and also was noticing the “fear” feeling of actually flying soon and having to face the “winning” of the match. I thought to myself, I am so sick and tired of fear of this that and the other running/ruining my life – I must continue to pray for strength and courage along with faith to see the “big picture” and that GOD is in control of my life. Tomorrow is my vein surgery and I’ve been trying to not let that creep into my psyche and take hold and get me going on some tangent that I can’t do it. I AM going to get this done and face the procedure head on.  Like my dad said to me a while back, “son, no matter where you are, when GOD calls you home, it’s time to come home,” and that’s so TRUE. 

 No Worries

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus”

~ Philippians 4:6-7

I think that this verse is the best one for me and to live by it each day and pray for FAITH.

I have an interview at 1pm today in Tukwila WA. It’s a great opportunity with a great company. I hope that it goeswell. The interview process is something very new for me and it’s taken me some time to get the hang of it. My main goal today is to exude confidence in not only myself, but my 20 years of experience that I can bring to this position and company. Knowledge and experience coupled with a “win/win” attitude is my goal.



Olivia’s Day in Seattle-Happy 13th Birthday!

We spent part of the afternoon today visiting the Pike Place Market. You see all type of people there, including the “famous” fish tossing stand. We went down to the water front as well to see the Old Curiosity Shop. Then, I took my son and friend and went to Game Works while the gals shopped. We topped off the evening with dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.

 My site was voting by as Blog of the day and I thought that was pretty cool to have been selected. I hope others enjoy reading my blog and it helps people.

My daughter’s is 13, I can not believe it. Today’s she is now officially a “teenager” and I she’s so beautiful. I loved holding her hand today walking in down town Seattle. It was a great day and I am so proud to be her father.  Olivia is such a special young lady with so much talent and tenacity. She’s her student body president and a honor roll student.  Olivia’s such a blessing to me and I am so proud of her. I thank GOD for allowing her to come into my life – I cherish her so much.  My life would not be complete with out her or my son Owen. My wife and I are so blessed with two healthy children.

I started out today playing some really good singles tennis and decided to not change raquets – rather get a few replacement ones. I found one on Ebay and am in the middle of working out a deal on it. I have 5 rackets now, of which 3 are ready to be handed down to the neighborhood kids to use.  I also got Tennis Warehouse to send me out some new replacement strings. I was surprised about that, but they will continue to get my business because of their great service.

If you are in need of wanting to chat with another aortic dissection survivor, please be sure to let me know by emailing me or going to my FORUM to see/chat with other folks who have experienced a dissection themselves.

I hope this week finally reveals my new job career path and I can get back on track with having a full time job again. I would love to have this happen this week. I have quite a few “irons” in the fire right now and feeling pretty good that it’s going to lead to an official job offer. I am still (slowly but surely) working on my studying for the pmp exam. I am hoping to take the test in the fall.

Take Care,



Friday’s almost over

As I am writing this post, my wife and kids are seeing the new “Journey to the Center of the Earth” movie. I decided to stay home and get caught up on some studying – which I didn’t do much of! My daughter is going to be 13 on the 13th of July and OMG… I can’t believe how she’s become such a beautiful young lady. I am so proud of her and I love her so much.

I can remember when she was just a baby! Where has the time gone? Does she really know how much I love her? How much I care for her? How much I thank GOD for her!  I remember her drawings she used to make, here’s some of my favorites surrounding this posting.

We took my son’s Razor scooter back today as the chain kept coming off and returned it. He paid (out of his own pocket) the $50.00 extra to get the Razor electric motorcycle. Of course, he had to have it put together right when we got home. However, it’s got to charge for 18 hours! That’s tough on a 9 year old who wants his toy now!



 He’s got his bike and has other scooters to hold him over. I just had to replace this back tire on his bike as he had been skidding a bit too much and it popped.. Oh.. the joys of being a dad.. priceless!

I ended up playing some outdoors tennis with Curt this morning and we had a great first set, but he fell apart in the second set. Speaking of tennis, I just had ordered the “champions set” from tennis warehouse, which is the same string combination that Federer uses. However, after string my mains with the Luxilon ALU Rough and about half way through the “gut” crosses, the gut looked like it was ready to break. I am thinking that it’s better to buy them as the VS Gut and Luxilon versus the Wilson combined champions tour packaging. I am getting my $29.00 bucks back!

We had a BBQ tonight with my wife’s sisters kids and my mother in law too! It was fun and enjoyed a burger and some hot dogs for the kids and good old fashioned corn and salad. The best thing.. was we had “dilly bars” for dessert!  I love ice-cream. I have been hooked on these “skinny cows” and they are lower in fat that regular ice-cream and are great! I love the cookies n cream, but all the stores sell out of them. Go figure!

I called the Varthon corporation up and asked for the sales manager hoping to get this name. I ended up getting it and sent him an email about the position on Craig’s list that I saw for an “inside sales” position.  I had also left three messages for the recruiter there as well. I want them to know just how hungry I am and how committed I would be to working for them and their great company.

I think that it’s important for potential employers to know something about me and the kind of person that I am. I feel very confident that I am on the verge of landing a new job soon – before the end of the month is my goal still.

I am playing my usual Saturday 0700-0830am doubles and looking forward to that. I realized today that there’s competitive tennis (tournaments) to work on your ranking. Then, in my case, there’s giving something back to the game as well. And that’s playing with others who are rated lower than me, but it’s a blessing for me to be out there to begin with so why can’t I try and help them with their game and just share a few laughs as well? That’s what giving back means to me!

I hope you enjoy some of my daughter’s pictures. I know that I wil always treasure them as they are so near and dear to my heart.

Good night!


4th of July-Baseball and Fireworks


We (my wife, Olivia and Owen) went to the Mariners game yesterday at 1:00pm at Safeco Field. We got the tickets from a season ticket holder off CraigsList and they were great seats!  This was the first game that I can recall staying to the very end of the game. The Mariners beat the Detroit Tigers 4-1. It was hot and a lot of interesting fans. It’s fun just doing some people watching. We also got to see a few foul balls land near us as we were about 17 rows behind the Mariners dugout and that’s where  a lefty pitcher had a bunch of the right-handed batters hitting the foul balls. We really enjoyed the game.

After the game, we were orginally going to stay down and watch the Ivar’s fireworks show. However, we decided to go grab some dinner at Chinook’s in Ballard and then went home. My son asked  me to get some fireworks, so we hopped in the car and went to the local corner stand.

The stands are a cash only business and we hit the ATM machine first. With $60.00 bucks in our hands we went there. We ended up getting over $100.00 worth of stuff for only $60.00 and then went home and waited for the sun to go down. Man, what a fireworks show we had. It was a blast and out neighbor brought out some of his from last year and we proceded to blow up the entire neighborhood for about an hour.  Of course, yours truly had to get out in the rain this morning and I spent over an hour cleaning up the street and sidewalks – all in the name of fun! I think that everyone enjoyed the fireworks.

I missed the Women’s Singles final this am between the Williams sisters and turned on the TV just as they showed Venus running around with the trophy. It was a great win for her. She’s a tremendous champion and so is her sister. And…. they won the doubles too! I know Serena would have loved to win, but it was Venuses time to win.  Still, in head to head, Serena has more Grand Slams.  I wish the tennis community would really appreciate what talented girls these Williams sisters really are.

The men’s final will be tomorrow am and it’s going to be “breakfast at Wimbledon” for me and I Will be up for the match at 0600am pst tomorrow.

We went to the beach the other day and I found a really cool stick that I thought I’d used to help reach my bird feeders. My feeders are 12 feet high on my custom feeder pole that I had build by a welding shop.

I really love the beach and the sound of the waves. It’s a calming sound and the smell of the sea air just does something to you.  This was down at a beach in Mukilteo Washington, in an area called Picnic Point. My wife used to go there when she was a kid and it’s a great place to go and relax on a hot day.

As you can see, I had my Washington State Open tennis T-Shirt on from last year. I lost to a guy in the first round that I should have beat. In fact, in the Seattle City, he got beat two straight by the guy that I beat in 3 sets to win the tournament for a second straight year.  I am looking forward to the Wa State Open this year and have been trying to practice some outdoor matches.  I have been going back and forth about a racket change and I am leaning on trying to got to a smaller head and even perhaps a smaller grip size for a change.

I am really still a bit angry at’s inability to show professionalism and respond to me about why I didn’t get their customer service manager position. I find it utterly disrespectful that they didn’t take the time to offer me any constructive criticism. I am actually glad as I would NOT work for a company like this who’s people don’t even say “thank you” for interviewing with them – at least 3 of them didn’t and they are NOT that busy to do that.  Moving on to bigger and better things…

It’s been 5/2/2008 that I was officially laid off from Verizonbusiness – all due to some incompetent Microsoft employees that I took the blame for. Part of me really wants to let those idiots know what they have done to me and my family. However, they were all miserable people that I dealt with and are not happy. So, I’ll let them wallow in their own misery and hit the “delete” button in my brain about wanting to really give them a piece of my mind.

I am beginning to wonder how my Life Insurance is going to turn out with Met-Life. I applied for a $250k policy and had the “in-home” nurse come by last week for the urine/blood and miscellaneous 100 other questions. As and aortic dissection survivor, I will be curious to see how this tracks throughout their systems and if it spits out a “reject” or “yes..we’ll take em” and then come up with the monthly premiums. I know many other AD survivors are looking for life insurance or Long Term Care.

We have some new neighbors. What I mean is that we have the same pair of birds build a nest each year under our roof eaves near the front of the house. You can open the towel closet door and hear the baby’s chirping. However, in addition to this family, it appears we have a new family that’s moved in very close to my den window. And, I can see/hear them at work on their nest or perhaps taking care of their new born chicks already as well. I thought about putting a web-cam out their to watch the repeat customers and document them building and raising their chicks for next year. Might be worth doing.

Still haven’t heard from AFV about the video I sent them of our trip to San Diego, CA. I had tape a male bull drinking a females (urine) and then putting on a huge -what looked like -grin! We all laughed and I sent the tape into them about a month ago. It might be too offensive for that “rated G” show.

Take care,


A trip back in time…. the Drive in Movie!

Wow.. I’ll bet it’s been 25+ years since I have been to the drive in. The last time I can recall was in high school. We went to see “Wally” and we took the Expedition. It’s amazing how many people were at the drive in last night! The second feature was “Get Smart” and we’d seen it with the exception of my daughter. However, I could not get comfortable in that Expedition and literally never even saw the movie, I just laid between my two kids and tried to sleep – which didn’t happen.

It’s the 4th of July today and I am so thankful for our Indepence!  We are a blessed country and so fortunate to live in the US. That reminds me… I will hang up my new US Flag that I have in the garage – still in it’s package ready to be flying high!

We might go to the Mariners game today for something to do. I am playing tennis at 8:30-10:00am with my friend Joe C. The men’s semi-finals are on today at noon in all time zones and I think the Nadal match will be quick, but really want to see how Safin does against Roger. 

I am bidding on a new racket myself. It’s been 20+ years that I have played with the Original Prince Graphite OS. Granted, they still make it and it’s a great racket – perhaps the best of all time! However, I have a one-handed back hand and am playing more doubles, so the 100 (mid plus) head size will be a down grade from the (107) oversize. Also, the top tennis pros that have one handed back hands, with the exception of Roger, use the Head Microgel Extreme Pro.

I sent the folks at an email asking what were the reasons that I didn’t get the job and/or to provide me with some constructive criticism on what I can improve on. I spoke with my mom yesterday about this and she said to leave it alone – that you’d already sent them the email and not to pesture them. As much as I know she’s right… I am a bit pissed off to put it bluntly that they don’t have the respect to at least follow up.

Happy 4th of July!


Watching some good tennis!

Gasquet versus Murray match, just started watching, Gasquet is 2 sets to love lead and it’s 5-5 in the third and Murray’s had about 5 Ad In points. Murray goes up 6-5 in the 3rd.

I applied for (actually emailed) the folks at Integratelecom for a director job. I am hoping to hear from them soon. I also emailed the F5 folks and my contacts at ATT Wireless and Intermec. And, Shelly at T-Mobile as well.

I listened to my Flight Harmonizer CD last night and it’s helping me. I am getting closer to flying soon!



Monday Morning-Looks like another beautiful day

It’s about 6:45am and I am sipping my morning coffee and I can hear the sounds of the sprinkler in the front yard through the noise of the fan blowing in the den window. The air feels kind of cool as the rest of the house is 80 degrees!

I am playing tennis at 0800am outside this morning with my friend Curt. My interview is tomorrow and I need to get my hair cut today and do a bit more preparing for the interview.

I listened to the “flight harmonizer cd” again last night before bed and I am really feeling confident that this is going to work. I’ve got to essentially be my own coach and allow the “positive” side (Jesus) run my life and focus on the cross for all that it promises and the protection that it provides.

We still haven’t figured out what we are going to do about the 4th of July yet. Or normal plans of going to my sister in law’s place, it didn’t work this time.

Got an email from a worried aortic customer today who is trying to find a surgeon and I sent off a couple of emails today to my experts to get him help.  His cardiologist mentioned the Cleveland Clinic which is an excellent place. However, there’s quite a few other places that have tremendous surgeons as well.

I can not believe that it’s the last day of June! Wow, summer is flying by really fast.

We got a patio set yesterday from Fred Meyer and had dinner out on it last night. I am thinking that I will try to find an umbrella for it today. I was also thinking of one of those little portable fire kits – but… I am not sure if they are that great and how much usage it would get?

Have a great day! Be thankful for EVERYTHING that GOD has blessed you with.


Just had my conference call with Captain Ron Neilsen

I wanted to say that I am so thankful for Captain Ron and his assistant, Barbara for setting up this conference call with Brook as well. It was a great positive experience for me and I truly appreciate it. I am feeling more confident each day. Check them out at and get help.

I played tennis this morning and it’s supposed to be 90 degrees today here in Everett, WA. Wow, that’s hot and it’s already 11:00am and I am sweating just writing this post up in my den area.

I am getting ready for my interview on Tuesday and can’t wait to start there. (Thinking positive that they are going to like me and hire me). I have a 90 day trial period in that I don’t get benefits.

I am meeting with an “at home” nurse from Met-Life to try and apply for a 250K Life insurance policy. I have a few tests that they have to run as well as gather my medical records.

We had a BBQ last night at our neighbors and we had some wine. My friend makes the win in his garage. Check out, and see his wines. They are great!


Oh.. I got my other site, working, but have a lot more to do there!

Almost 10pm on Thursday evening-long day!

I played tennis with my friend George Haughn. He beat me 6-4-7-5 today. I served like crap and was a bit tired, I had 2 beers yesterday at dinner! Light weight!  And, we played at 0700am versus our usual 05:15am start time. Oh yah… I didn’t sleep that well either.  Ok..enough excuses!

I got the Webinar from the site and started listening/watching the presentation. It’s about 2.5 hours and I got through the first 30 minutes. I am really believing that this will be the final step. I am possibly going to be speaking with Ron Neilsen and another fellow student who sounds a lot like me and was able to overcome his fear and get on a plane.

I received my interview schedule for my postion of Client Services Manager at and I hope that everything goes well. I am looking forward to the opportunity to really make a difference there!

I still have some other irons in the fire, but nothing as hot as this prospect. They are in Bellevue, WA and it would not be that bad of a commute for me.

I screwed around with some other Word Press theme today and finally got it to work, but decided that it’s too much work and I really think this one works just fine and I am sticking with it.

I sold my Total Gym today and my ladder to the same guy. As much as I had wanted to keep the Total Gym, it as too big for the garage and the kids all got on it and abused it. So, it’s down the road and I am trying to obtain my VisionQuest HRT 3600 bike again. That’s what I really need! I have weights at the club, a ton of them and the exercise bike would be great and my wife liked the last one that I had too! There’s a guy in San Diego that has one and I am trying to figure out how to ship it up here relatively cheap.

Good night!


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