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I get knocked down, but I get up again

As many of you may know, I was laid off from VerizonBusiness, formally MCI Telecommunications on 5/2/2008. I was treated very well severeance wise and time to look for a new job. Unfortunately, I didn’t find a job till late August, 2008, but Global Crossing screwed around and took another 2 month’s to finally bring me on board. I started with Global Crossing on 10/20/2008 and then….

 It was 2/24/2009 and I get this strange email from my boss with the email subject line titled “Brian-let’s catch up” for a conference call the following morning at 0800am. That particular day the 24th, I was wondering why my boss would want to “catch up” as I was thinking to myself, “Am I in trouble? Did I do something wrong?” just what exactly did she want?.  Anyway, the following morning, I got on the call and it went like this, “Brian, this is Susan and I have on the line with me, Brandi, Susan doesn’t say one more word and Brandi says, “Your position in Seattle has been eliminated” and please go mail back your pc and here our FedEx number to do it. Not one word from my former boss, Susan at Global Crossing. Talk about lack of professionalism? Where’s the empathy? Sympathy? Just down right moral values for some one’s life? It’s didn’t exist with her.  My wife couldn’t believe it either. What a lousy out fit to work for when they treat you with no respect!

 After the news, I went and mailed back my pc and had to pay $16.00 to send the darn thing back as their account number didn’t cover the “packing” costs. I basically took the rest of the day and started emailing my contacts about my situation and the terrible treatment and unprofessionalism I experienced working for GC.  To me, I look at this as their loss and a tremendous gain for my next employeer. There’s an old saying,  “Champions make their own luck” and that’s what I consider myself. So, I knew that they might be able to knock me down,  but… I have too much talent to stay down. I started with one of my close friends who I had worked with at MCI for 10+ years. I had explained to him the situation, and like me, he was blown away too! But… little did I know, they wanted to speak with me asap and knew about my experience and desire to win. So, my friend set up an interview for me and the rest is history! I am so looking forward to this new opportunity where there is the professionals, empathy, caring people and a proven success formula already in place. The leadership of this company is outstanding and full of talent. I know that GOD had a plan for me and I believe it was “fate” that led me to this new opportunity.  In retrospect, sometimes GOD leads you down paths to get you in place and prepared for bigger and better opportunities where you can really make an impact. What the ironic part was that I was actually doing that for GC in Seattle, yet they determined they needed to lay me off. I can now see what that company went bankrupt before, lousy leadership.

I am so thrilled about my new opportunity and the tremendous people that are working there! I am so thankful to be associated with a “high-class” outfit and look forward to a long term growth opportunity to be my very best.



Brian Tinsley

I got the job! Persistence is the “key”!

Well, I got the call today and the offer letter is to be overnighted to me and arrive tomorrow. I am planned to start sometime around the 7th/8th of October for Global Crossing. I am so excited and just in the nick of time! I am out of my severance funds and my unemployment benefits are due to run out as well. God works in mysterious ways! I am so thankful that I am going back to work and for a great bunch of folks.

There’s a lot to be said about being persistence and taking those small steps (many) in trying to get where you want to go. In the same manner, I have been working via YouTube on my decentization process about my flying. I am really fealing confident about the strides I am making here. Thanks to Dr. Fear, I am on the right track to victory.

The kids are both in socceer and it’s so much fun to be able to watch them play. It’s one of my favorite times of the year as I just love to watch them…grow! I don’t know what hit me, but I decided I could switch tennis rackets after 25 years and that didn’t work out – what was I thinking? Anyway, I am glad to be back playing with my Prince OS Graphites and will be working on my fitness to help my game get better.

I received a call from a wife of an aortic dissectiion survivor today. It sounds like he had a very similar experience to my surgery. Apparently, he’s struggling and it was nice to speak with her and tell her that there is “hope” and that we can get her and her husband some expert help. This is what makes me happy is when I can give something back to others and help them.

Well, I am getting up at 4:50am to head to the club for 5:30am doubles tomorrow and playing singles tomorrow night at 8pm. Full day of tennis!




It’s been a few weeks since my last post. I have been busy with kids school, soccer and playing tennis. Also, I have been praying for a job to finally come to fruition. I have been told that I have the job at Global Crossing  and I am very excited abut the opportunity. However, it’s taking them some time to get me the actual offer letter. I am going to meet with them this Wednesday and this Monday, I am supposed to hear from another possible opportunity with ATT Wireless. I had originally applied with them, but did not get the position. I was called out of the blue a week ago about another position and interviewed with them. They are going to make their decision on Monday evening.

In the meantime, I am working on my flying issue. I discovered (what I believe is my cure) a book called “Freedom From Fear: Overcoming Anxiety, Phobias and Panic” 
Howard Liebgold; Paperback; $11.21. I stumbled across the book trying to help my daughter with some issues about school. I have gotten to know Dr. Liebgold via email and he’s a super nice person. He struggled with phobia’s for 31 years! And, he’s a medical doctor! He’s specializing in helping others and I would HIGHLY recommend him! One of the most helpful things, is the desensitization process. The definition is:  To make emotionally insensitive or unresponsive, as by long exposure or repeated shocks. Or in other words to constantly expose yourself to the things that give you the fear/phobia/anxiety because the ONLY way to deal with fear is THROUGH IT! The desensitization process is done on a hierarchical format. Meaning, you give your phobia/anxiety levels on a scale. I can honestly tell you that I have tried everything and this is the FIRST person who I believe really understands what is going on. He should, he’s been through it!

I hope to know this week about my job situation and hopefully will get the offer letter this month from Global Crossing so I can join them and get my life back on track with a great company.



Having Faith… It’s the ONLY way!

 Faith is being sure of what you hope for and certain of what you do not see. Hebrews 11:1. It’s amazing what Faith can do for you and how we don’t even know how much it goes on in our daily lives.  As many of you know, I was laid off on 5/2/2008 and have been looking for a job since 5/3/2008. Up until a few days ago, I was at my wits end and really thinking that I was going to get this job with and was told that I was one of the final candidates. I was also told I would hear by Monday of last week that the decision would be made. As of 8/17/2008, I still have not been told.  About a week ago, I got an email from a friend of my wife who had sent her something about things women at 45 years of age should not be doing. Anyway, I had my wife send me the email and I saw on the email header a name of a gal that my wife had played on a soccer team with a few years ago. I had actually remember meeting her and speaking with her as we both had worked on the same account, Microsoft. Well, when I got the email from my wife, I decided to email this gal and tell her what happened to me and ask her to send my resume around. On Saturday, the 16th of August, while out on the boat (my sister in laws) on Lake Entiact, I got a call froma recruiter about an opening for their Seattle market.  I would have never heard about this opportunity had I not sent this gal an email about asking for help and hoping (faith) that something might become of it. It turns out that after speaking with the recruiter, they think I am perfect for the job and I have one more interview to go! I am supposed to hear from the hiring manager on Monday.

I have been watching the Olympics and they have really been exciting. We had a great few days over in Lake Chelan as well. It was 103 the last day we were there. They kids had fun! We floated down part of the Wenatchee river as well one day – that was super fun! The kids love intertubing at their aunt and uncle’s house and seeing their cousin’s Mathew and Adam.

I have also re-launched my website, and I am back in business again!


**Oh yah… Listen to this, it’s amazing!

Take care!


A Simple painless test could save your life

I got this news article today titled, “Baby boomers may face a silent killer” and watched the video. This is a great message again to the general public to get an “ultrasound” test done.

Not only should you check for an AAA, you also should request an “echo cardiogram” or a “stress echo” as it’s another very simple test that can reveal a possible issue with your heart and/or ascending aorta.

This stat alone is enough for everyone to get it done quickly!

 Dr. Back says AAA is the 13th leading cause of death. Nine out of 10 patients who have AAA that ruptures will die. However, it may not be deadly if it’s caught early.


My daughter had a photo shoot the other day, check this out! My neighbor is a great photographer if you are anywhere in the Seattle area, I’d recommend him. He’s on my blog roll.

Still hoping to hear something today about the opportunity. I have done everything I can and it’s in their hands and GOD’s.

Have a great day!


The “Big Day” is tomorrow

I am hoping tomorrow that I find out if I am going to be able to get my life back on track and start working again. Since being laid off on 5/2/2008, I have been kind of “off track” in that I am feeling like I have no real purpose in life without being able to work and feel like I got something accomplished. Don’t get me wrong… I love being home with my family during this summer, but… after searching and searching, I am at the cusp of finally getting the job I really want – a job that a friend told me about out of the blue. 

Tomorrow at 0700am in downtown Seattle I have my interview with the regional vice-president of the company for the West Coast. I am hoping that it goes well and it should as I’ve beenthrough a few of them lately and feel more confident after each one. I was lucky enough to have a friend on the “inside” help me with a few tips and I am feeling really best prepared and ready to sell myself and my skill set as to why I am the best candidate for the job.

I went for a long walk yesterday (played tennis too!) and today as well for over an hour and my legs are feeling better. This Friday will be two weeks since my varicose vein surgery. I am thinking that they are going to need to do something to my left leg since they were only able to get like 8 inches of my greater saphenous vein.

More to come…


The Waiting is the hardest part

It’s a bit of sad day around the house as I had to take our cat of 17 years into the vet today. The vet said that her “skin cancer” was too far gone and the humane thing to do was put her to sleep. She was a great cat and the entire family will miss her.

I just got done listing to Tom Petty’s song, The Waiting and it’s really so true.. the waiting is the hardest part – especially when it’s waiting to hear if you are going to get the job you’ve applied for.  I have literally done all that I can and it’s going to happen this week – I can just feel it.  GOD is really testing my patience and I MUST have the faith and belief and see it in my minds eye – this WILL happen for me!

My legs are doing better, today I was able to take off the “ace bandages” and now only have to wear the stockings until be time. It appears that my mother needs to have her one leg looked into – this is a hereditary disease.

Not sure if I am going to be able to play any tennis this week and might play some doubles on Saturday am for the first time since the surgery.



Stressing over what?

I am feeling the stress of the job situation, surgery tomorrow and just the fact that we’ve not taken a summer vacation. I am feeling guilty that I have let the family down and especially not being able to take a vacation due to my lack of work.

The strange thing is that between the job search, surgery, money situation and kids home for the summer, it’s all about taking things in stride. I could let my life appear to be in a “knot” like never before… Or I can try to take things into perspective here and deal with them as they come up. While searching for this “knot” picture, I found a great article, “The Role of Stress in just about Everything,” and it’s a great read.

“I can’t express anger. I grow a tumor instead.”
—Woody Allen

I almost wanted (having a bit of an anger flashback) to contact those folks at Microsoft who were responsible for my getting laid off and give them a piece of my mind. But.. I decided I didn’t want to waste my time. They’ll get what’s coming to them and their own incompetencies. It’s ironic to think that these “clowns” are actually still employed there. 

OK.. Onto more positive stuff… Like the weather! I am going to the Aquasox Game tomorrow night to watch and hear my daughter’s friend sing the National Anthem before the game. This should be fun!



Some Tennis , Fear, and an interview in afternoon

I played my usual Thursday am singles with Dr. George this morning. I lost the first set 7-5 and it was 4-4 in the 2nd when we ran out of the court time. It’s amazing how your mind can wonder all over the place while in the middle of a competitive singles match. I noticed that I was feeling a bit depressed for some reason. I didn’t play that bad and also was noticing the “fear” feeling of actually flying soon and having to face the “winning” of the match. I thought to myself, I am so sick and tired of fear of this that and the other running/ruining my life – I must continue to pray for strength and courage along with faith to see the “big picture” and that GOD is in control of my life. Tomorrow is my vein surgery and I’ve been trying to not let that creep into my psyche and take hold and get me going on some tangent that I can’t do it. I AM going to get this done and face the procedure head on.  Like my dad said to me a while back, “son, no matter where you are, when GOD calls you home, it’s time to come home,” and that’s so TRUE. 

 No Worries

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus”

~ Philippians 4:6-7

I think that this verse is the best one for me and to live by it each day and pray for FAITH.

I have an interview at 1pm today in Tukwila WA. It’s a great opportunity with a great company. I hope that it goeswell. The interview process is something very new for me and it’s taken me some time to get the hang of it. My main goal today is to exude confidence in not only myself, but my 20 years of experience that I can bring to this position and company. Knowledge and experience coupled with a “win/win” attitude is my goal.



Feeling Stuck? Getting Past Impasse

I have this book , Getting Unstuck: How Dead Ends Become New Paths, by Timothy Butler. In this book, it talks about the “inner critic” or it even goes as far as calling it Satan.

In particular, the inner critic becomes louder and more powerful during this second phase. The inner critic is that internal naysayer that Freud called the superego; but it wasn’t a new concept, it’s been around as long as humanity has. In Getting Unstuck I discuss some strategies for dealing with the inner critic. This picture shows a figure and having to make a choice on which path to take. That’s what it’s about. A new path out of the valley of the impasse. You MUST take it!

It’s at this moment of impasse that we really begin to see what we are made of. It’s a time to get a new perspective – out out of body experience if you will. A chance to look back at what you have or haven’t done to this point and a chance to change the course of where you will end up. This is me now… Right now.. I am in the valley and trying to find my way out and as I climb the mountain to get out, just trying to keep my eyes on the “goal” of getting out and seeing the new me at the top and where I can go with GOD’s direction. At this time in my life after working the prior 20 years and now finding it a bit more difficult to find another job, I am hoping that by reaching deep down into the “soul” of my being, that my new career path has a genuine purpose for me. I don’t want to just go to work – I want to make an impact, a positive one.


Reality Check-Unemployment meeting today

Well, I had my official meeting today at the Unemployment office. I am assuming that this is a natural course that happens along the way of getting UE checks. I am about half way through my 26 weeks of UE and had a mandatory meeting today. They basically verify that you are doing at least 3 job searches a week – I am at about 20 and that you know about some of their resources. What I did learn today was a website,  that is a great site to search for jobs.

I think that I am beginning to really feel like I am on the “cusp” of finally getting hired.  However, part of me is literally feeling like I am going loony toons or better yet crazy from not being able to have landed a job yet. I have tried and tried, but for some reason, just haven’t landed a home run yet.  I consider myself very talented and today seeing some of those people trying to work on their resumes and searching – I really feel for them. A lot of those folks don’t even have a computer of their own to work on. I am very fortunate to actually be in the situation with the UE and the severance package I got. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still the pits getting these constant “no thanks” messages. But… If you want to succeed in life.. double your failure rate! I WILL find a job soon!

Oh… I managed to get a late entry into the WA State Open Tennis Tourney. I am hoping that I will be ready to play as my surgery is this Friday, the 25th of July and I am thinking that I might actually get both legs done instead of just my left leg.


Olivia’s 13th Birthday..I love her so much!

It turned out to be a beautiful day. A day for a celebration and gathering of the entire family for my daughter’s 13th birthday celebration. The cake was heavenly! Thank GOD for Costco!

Wow.. I am birthday partied out! We have the entire family over for my daughter’s birthday celebration today. She and her mom just left for the mall to see a movie.It’s been a constant birthday celebration since the 13th of July! Oh well.. my daughter is worth it.

I am hoping that tomorrow’s call with RedKnee (phone interview) goes well. I have to wait a week tohear about my other possibility with TW Telecom and I sure hope that they call! The hiring manager is on vacation and I have to wait to hear from him when he returns. I have been playing it in my mind just what a 40 hour work week is going to be like again. It’s been a long time since I’ve had to do one. However, I sure want to get back to a “routine” and get back on to feeling good about doing a good days work. At least this job won’t require a “panel” interview! I also am supposed to speak with Vodafone this week as well.

I am waiting for my new shoes to arrive and strings. I tried the NRG2 (16) with the SPPP Plasma 17 gauge and it just didn’t feel like. The GOSEN OG Sheep (16) synthetic gut is WAY easier to control for me and I just have gotten so used to it… I can’t change!

Time for some TV!


The big phone interview today

Well, today is my big phone interview and perhaps my biggest chance so far to land a job since being laid off from VerizonBusiness on 5/2/2008. My (6 days short of 20 years) career is over and new horizons are calling my name. Granted, this hasn’t been easy to land a job yet, I am still optimistic about this great chance – a chance that one of my old friends informed me of. This goes back to my old “networking” blog and how it’s so imperative to keep a good contact list of folks that can help you down the road. I also happen to know another person at this company who is apparently way up the food chain and I am hoping to name drop his name as well as an “internal” reference as well.

I played 3 hours of singles tennis this morning, I was thinking I’d play doubles for 1.5 hours then my singles. However, the doubles groups didn’t know I was playing with them, so I ended up hitting a few sets with a guy name Doug. Then, on to my usual Thursday am match with Dr. George. I tried mixing new “cross” strings (NRG2 16) and I just don’t like the feel. So, it’s back to the basics and good old Gosen OG Sheep Micro 16 gauge for my crosses.

My son had a sleep over with his cousins last night and they are going to Game Works today for some video game fun! I wish I was going too! However, my daughter is not feeling well and I am going to stay with her.

Have a great day!


Don’t Quit… throw in the towel… Do it!

 After getting my (at least) 10th rejection email from F5 Networks today, I am try to determine if I actually want to work for a company that apparently sees no value in my services. I’ve applied for sales/service and technical positions there – all of which I would do a “kick ass” job at, yet… I still have only had one phone interview. Heck.. I’ve even met with the person in charge of the HR department and still haven’t got anywhere. Originally, they told me that I was applying across to broad of a spectrum and I appreciated that and listened. So, I am now only applying in their services organization and hoping for some miracle to happen. My real question to myself is when do I draw the line and quit waisting my energy on this company?  Of course the other side of me, being used to having been knocked down before tries to rally my “competitive tennis player” personality and says… “I’ll be back” and will keep plugging away and trying to find a way to get hired by these guys. At the same time, I am also interested in working for a company that sees a value in me as well.  I’ve had other companies where I have applied to at least 10 positions ( and the same story, only I don’t really get as much feedback with their recruiters, just the “no thanks” email and good ridence.

I orginally wanted to work at F5 or Premera based on those companies having been voted as some of the top places to work in Washington.

 The opposite of quiting is “DO IT” as the sign says and don’t allow the “negatives” to get your down. Use them to provide feedback as to the “why” you are not getting the interviews? Is it my resume perhaps? The one that I payed some “career coach” to have prepare. I actually had asked the guy at F5 if my resume was OK and he said yes. However, I am beginning to wonder. I know that I need to cater it more to the specific job requirement at hand.

I am supposed to hear from the person that is the hiring manager for the possible position that my long time friend told me about. He left him a message to call me tomorrow and hopefully this will lead to something in the “positive” direction.


A job possibility… Keeping my fingers crossed

I got a call from a one of my old buddies that I had worked with for many years at MCI and Verizonbusiness about a possible job opportunity. It sounds like it might be the one. I got a few more “rejections” notices today, however, the more of those I get, that just means the “yes” is getting closer.

My job with a medical company in Bothell, Wa didn’t pan out either. It was an entry level position and I was over qualified. I am also running into this with another company and their minimal salary requirements.  Oh well, I am determined and WILL NOT give up. For example, I spent probably 2 hours today trying to get my SiteMap to work correctly. I was ready to throw in the towel, but gave it one more try and … it worked! That’s the attitude that you have to have in just about everything in life. As the famous quote goes, “If you want to succeed, you MUST double your failure rate” and it’s so true!

I spent a good two hours studying the PMP stuff today. My topic for the day was the “time management” section. Wow.. some of this stuff is really dry and boring. I would still like to see this all the way through to the end and get my PMP certification.

It’s Tuesday morning (5:30am) doubles in the morning and I am also hoping to hear from my friend about the job tomorrow. I also got another tip on a job for Vodafone.  I hope to hear from them as well.

Good Night!


Monday Morning… It’s a beautiful day!

I discovered that there were a few more of my favorite “Olivia” drawings that I had forgot to show. This was a great Christmas one that she’d done.

It’s back to reality and time to start the day searching for more job opportunities. I have an interview today at 2:00pm with a consulting firm and hope that it goes well.  I also emailed a couple of my contacts over at T-Mobile and F5 Networks again about possibilities.  My unemployment is at the “half way” point and that $515.00 per week is going to be running out soon – not to mention my severance is wind ling down as well.  I started working right out of college and never in a million years would have thought I would a) be laid off and b) have to rely on using the unemployeement system. 

I still have not heard back from the Verathon corporation about their posting for an “inside sales” rep and I even found out who their sales manager was and emailed him letting him know how excited I was about coming to work for them.  I also emailed and left 3 voicemails for the recruiter w/o any response. I feel like contacting the CEO and letting them know if they’ve got someone who’s excited about their compnay – they better make sure they follow up. I could have been their best sales person ever and they’d never get the chance to see it come to fruition as they never contacted me.

This picture titled “what not to wear” was pretty good as well. My daughter is so creative.  I feel pretty sad that I can’t really take the family on a summer vacation due to my not working status. Sure, I could blow more of my severance and do it, but I want to start working again and save some of the money for a “rain day” and that way, we’d have money for a vacation next year or for Christmas break.

My Starbucks craving is calling my name and it’s time to head to the store. I think when I get back, I will contact Verathon directly again and try to figure out what is going on with them.

Have a great day!


Olivia’s Day in Seattle-Happy 13th Birthday!

We spent part of the afternoon today visiting the Pike Place Market. You see all type of people there, including the “famous” fish tossing stand. We went down to the water front as well to see the Old Curiosity Shop. Then, I took my son and friend and went to Game Works while the gals shopped. We topped off the evening with dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.

 My site was voting by as Blog of the day and I thought that was pretty cool to have been selected. I hope others enjoy reading my blog and it helps people.

My daughter’s is 13, I can not believe it. Today’s she is now officially a “teenager” and I she’s so beautiful. I loved holding her hand today walking in down town Seattle. It was a great day and I am so proud to be her father.  Olivia is such a special young lady with so much talent and tenacity. She’s her student body president and a honor roll student.  Olivia’s such a blessing to me and I am so proud of her. I thank GOD for allowing her to come into my life – I cherish her so much.  My life would not be complete with out her or my son Owen. My wife and I are so blessed with two healthy children.

I started out today playing some really good singles tennis and decided to not change raquets – rather get a few replacement ones. I found one on Ebay and am in the middle of working out a deal on it. I have 5 rackets now, of which 3 are ready to be handed down to the neighborhood kids to use.  I also got Tennis Warehouse to send me out some new replacement strings. I was surprised about that, but they will continue to get my business because of their great service.

If you are in need of wanting to chat with another aortic dissection survivor, please be sure to let me know by emailing me or going to my FORUM to see/chat with other folks who have experienced a dissection themselves.

I hope this week finally reveals my new job career path and I can get back on track with having a full time job again. I would love to have this happen this week. I have quite a few “irons” in the fire right now and feeling pretty good that it’s going to lead to an official job offer. I am still (slowly but surely) working on my studying for the pmp exam. I am hoping to take the test in the fall.

Take Care,



Friday’s almost over

As I am writing this post, my wife and kids are seeing the new “Journey to the Center of the Earth” movie. I decided to stay home and get caught up on some studying – which I didn’t do much of! My daughter is going to be 13 on the 13th of July and OMG… I can’t believe how she’s become such a beautiful young lady. I am so proud of her and I love her so much.

I can remember when she was just a baby! Where has the time gone? Does she really know how much I love her? How much I care for her? How much I thank GOD for her!  I remember her drawings she used to make, here’s some of my favorites surrounding this posting.

We took my son’s Razor scooter back today as the chain kept coming off and returned it. He paid (out of his own pocket) the $50.00 extra to get the Razor electric motorcycle. Of course, he had to have it put together right when we got home. However, it’s got to charge for 18 hours! That’s tough on a 9 year old who wants his toy now!



 He’s got his bike and has other scooters to hold him over. I just had to replace this back tire on his bike as he had been skidding a bit too much and it popped.. Oh.. the joys of being a dad.. priceless!

I ended up playing some outdoors tennis with Curt this morning and we had a great first set, but he fell apart in the second set. Speaking of tennis, I just had ordered the “champions set” from tennis warehouse, which is the same string combination that Federer uses. However, after string my mains with the Luxilon ALU Rough and about half way through the “gut” crosses, the gut looked like it was ready to break. I am thinking that it’s better to buy them as the VS Gut and Luxilon versus the Wilson combined champions tour packaging. I am getting my $29.00 bucks back!

We had a BBQ tonight with my wife’s sisters kids and my mother in law too! It was fun and enjoyed a burger and some hot dogs for the kids and good old fashioned corn and salad. The best thing.. was we had “dilly bars” for dessert!  I love ice-cream. I have been hooked on these “skinny cows” and they are lower in fat that regular ice-cream and are great! I love the cookies n cream, but all the stores sell out of them. Go figure!

I called the Varthon corporation up and asked for the sales manager hoping to get this name. I ended up getting it and sent him an email about the position on Craig’s list that I saw for an “inside sales” position.  I had also left three messages for the recruiter there as well. I want them to know just how hungry I am and how committed I would be to working for them and their great company.

I think that it’s important for potential employers to know something about me and the kind of person that I am. I feel very confident that I am on the verge of landing a new job soon – before the end of the month is my goal still.

I am playing my usual Saturday 0700-0830am doubles and looking forward to that. I realized today that there’s competitive tennis (tournaments) to work on your ranking. Then, in my case, there’s giving something back to the game as well. And that’s playing with others who are rated lower than me, but it’s a blessing for me to be out there to begin with so why can’t I try and help them with their game and just share a few laughs as well? That’s what giving back means to me!

I hope you enjoy some of my daughter’s pictures. I know that I wil always treasure them as they are so near and dear to my heart.

Good night!


3 hours of tennis and some interviewing today

I played my usual Thursday am doubles from 5:30-7:00am, then played Dr. “Steve” in some singles till 8:30am. I came home, then showered and back to Bellevue WA to do an interview with a recruiting agency about a possible position. It went well and on the way home, I got another call from another recuriter asking me about coming to see them on Monday as they have a few positions that they feel I match up well with. They seem a bit more professional than the first outfit from earlier in the day. I am looking forward to meeting with them and really feel that I am getting close to my goal of being hired before the end of July 2008.

I haven’t felt much like studying today for the PMP stuff, but I know that I need to get through another chapter today. They are finishing up on the painting and I have to pay the balance to them today. The entire job was $3800.00 – they did a great job!

I am still waiting to hear back from the Doctor’s office about my venus closure technique for my varicose veins and if the insurance company is going to approve the procedure. I was hoping to hear something this week. I have to get this done and just do it!

Take Care!


Networking 101- Who are the contacts that you have made?

It’s been over 2 months since my official departure date from Verizonbusiness. After working at the same place for nearly 20 years, you don’t really think that much about YOU possibly being laid off. And, how many “networking relationships/contacts” that you have built up during those years.

What I first did was get a Google Gmail account and to start and build a list of all my “networking” contacts that might be able to help me. Granted, these are folks that I consider friends and not just people that I would try and contact to say, “hey.. I need a job” and please help!  I think that networking is going back into your memory bank and remembering those “key” contacts that you have or have not stayed in touch with and figure out if they might be willing to help you. It’s these type of contacts that I consider folks that are genuinely concerned about trying to help you. It’s amazing how many contacts that you might have that when push comes to shove, they aren’t really a big help at all. It’s like a chess game trying to figure out what/where/when and why you are going to contact someone that might be able to help.

I have tried to contact many of my so called “networking friends” and have had some luck – however, still no job yet. That old say, “It’s not what you know… It’s who you know” is still true to this day. I have tried to rely on that and for some strange reason do feel confident that I will be landing a job before the end of this month.   I am thinking that T-Mobile looks promising and I left two messages for the recruiter at Verathon today as well. That was voted as one of the top places to work in WA State.

Oh yah.. the painting continues – all windows/doors are taped shut and it’s muggy in the house! I hope I can sleep tonight as I like to have the windows open and fan running.  However, my wife doesn’t like the fan going and usually shuts it off as I am already a sleep. My bedtime is usually around 9pm and get up at 0445 to 0500.


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