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I got my offer letter from Comcast yesterday

I got the “official” offer letter for the job at Comcast. I am going to take my drug test today and then send it back to Comcast. I am most likely going to start around the end of May.

My daughter on student council again and she was so happy to win again for the 3rd straight year.

Our last lacrosse game is this Saturday and then the BBQ. I have my first round of the Harbour Square-Western Washington Invitational this Saturday. I am the number one seed. I played with George this morning, I got him 6-3 and he got me 7-6.

I am playing well again! Lot’s of confidence in my game!

I need to fix my light fixture that turns on my outside lights in front of the house. I apparently broke it when I was taking out my son’s mattress!

I am getting my fuel filter replaced in my Camry tomorrow.

Gotta run!


Happy Monday!

The day started out with taking my daughter to her school and helping her hang up her posters for Student Council for next year. She’s been in the group for the last 2 years in a row! I am sure she’ll be there for her last year!

I took my car into Brian Maddy-he’s a tennis buddy and owns his own auto shop. He’s good! He’s not cheap! But, I get to watch him do the work! I had him put 6 new plugs in, change the automatic transmission fluid and put a new filter in.  It turns out my timing belt was done at 90K, so around 180K we can do it again-plus water pump/seals etc.

I found out that I am covered for medical/dental/vision up till 2/2/2009 and I am supposed to start Comcast in late May, however, their benefits take 60 days to become effective.

Well, I got into the tourney this weekend and I am looking forward to it. I also have a USTA match on Sunday (Mother’s Day) that is at the Seattle Tennis Club-fancy place! You have to wear all white, or.. not playing there!

We are still in first place so far!


Good Morning! Saturday early and ready for some doubles

It’s Saturday morning and I got up at 5:30am today and had some coffee and tried to get a few things done.  I have a USTA match today at 4pm, originally at 9pm and they asked to have 2 matches earlier at 4pm. However, I have only got confirmation that our #1 singles is going to be played early. I sent the captain and tennis director a note stating that my partner and I are showing up at 4pm and they need to have a team there for the match-or it will be a default.

I need to figure out about my health care coverage for when I get laid off on 5/2, until I start my new job on or around late May. I read the benefits for Comcast and it turns out that you don’t get benefits with them until after 60 days. So, I believe the COBRA program is what I will need to be using.

According to my new boss to be, the Comcast benefits are great! So, I am anxious to be able to get my family on that plan when I am available to participate in it.

My son is having a sleep over with his friend Palmer today and my daughter’s singing at the church for something and then she and my wife are going to a play at the King’s school this evening.

I am sure glad the car situation is over with-I really like this car, it’s super clean and drives really nice! I took it in to get the oil changed and a sales man walked by and was looking it over and couldn’t believe how nice it looked for a 1995 Camry XLE. What’s funny is I said to myself, I don’t like that Gold package on cars, but.. what do you know.. this has it and I don’t mind at all!

My plans are to get my last check on 5/2, then apply for Unemployment for about a month or so and then take part of my severance package and get out of debt and put the rest into a savings account for my kids college funds.

It’s all coming together. My faith in the LORD is increasing and my confidence is as well that I am over this fear of flying thing that it’s all in my “head” and there’s NOTHING that I can’t overcome with JESUS CHRIST with me. The bible is 100% true and I believe it. Perfect Love casts out all fear! I can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens me!

Have a great day!


TGIF=Feeling a bit more rested

It turns out that our “washing machine” that the guy at Lowe’s said was made in Germany and wouldn’t have the same issues as our last Whirlpool might be full of crap. My wife pointed out that a bunch of our clothes are showing the dark spots on them-as if there was an oil leak. So, I found the warranty group and I know for sure that I mailed in our warranty information. I want to see what they can do to help us.

I just faxed 2 copies of my application for the Comcast position and I am supposed to have a call w/the recruiter today as well.

I need to go to my credit union and get my loan for my Camry taken car of today (this morning) and then I also need to have my wife drive me to p/u the car and to then drop off the rental car. I also need to get the insurance for it as well.

I need to string a racket for Saturday’s USTA match at 4pm and I am playing doubles in the am at 0700 as well. I was going to play singles today w/Erik, but I just have too much going on today.

Thanks and have a great day!


One hour of sleep last night-makes for an interesting day!

I could not sleep last night-seriously, I got 1 hour maybe of sleep. Then got up at 4:45 to go play tennis at 5:15am. I ended up driving an hour north to look at a car that was a complete POS! But, they guy said it was a cream puff!

I am still trying to find a car and get this crap over with. I emailed Stephen at Comcast again w/my references and asked him how the Boeing meeting went. I hope to hear from him(actually the recruiter) too with the application form for the drug test. I alerted my references as well.



Sold my 1999 Honda CR-V-Got the rental car.. again

Ok.. Wow, selling my car got kind of tricky as I didn’t actually have the title and I had a loan against it from my credit union. However, the guy who bought it was an attorney and we got it all figured out and I got $8800.00 for it and I paid $8200.00 plus $600.00 for tax/license, so I broke even.

I got the rental car-they (Hertz) came and picked me up at my house leaving me enough time to p/u my son and make it back for my parents to take Owen and I out for dinner and then onto the final showing of the Music Man play that my daughter’s school was putting on.. Again, Olivia shined! She’s got a tremendous potential! She really does! I love her and Owen so much! As well as my beautiful wife, Kathy!

Ok.. Now, the job situation, I am going to meet with the head guy on Wednesday. I will let you know how it goes.

Got to get to bed, I will be on the tennis court playing doubles at 0530am!

Nighty Night!


Found a 1999 Accord LX-One owner, trying to sell the CRV

I originally wanted the Accord to begin with and should have waited another week with the rental car instead of buying the CR-V. I just don’t like the way I sit in that thing and I actually like the Ford Expedition better. So, I have listed the CR-V on Craig’s list and am going down tomorrow to look at the Honda Accord. I think I might rent a car for the day and drop it off at Hertz if I like it. I need to call the credit union in the am and let them know that I am looking for a new car (actually cheaper) and going to sell the CR-V. I should be able to get rid of it soon!

I am also seriously considering the Comcast position and have emailed the guy a few times this weekend about meeting w/him next Thursday.

Tonight is my daughter’s big play, the Music Man and she’s all dressed up and ready to go! We went to church today and it was a great service! About Pride and not resentment towards others.

Gotta run!


Had my Comcast phone interview

I interviewed for the position on the phone with the guy and he’s actually a former MCI’er. The position is really a “hunter” sales 101 type of job covering the PNW territory. I am not really sure that I want to be driving all over the place to sell at T-1 of internet access.

The Nordstrom call had something come up and we’re on for Monday as well as with the Philips recruiter. I am surprised that SpeakEasy hasn’t called either? I had sent the recruiter several emails about the various positions that I applied for.

Some thing’s got to come up soon! I am getting very stressed out about this getting laid off stuff!

Hoping for another miracle!


What an adventure.. Going from old Blog to new Blog

Wow, it takes a phd in web-design to get this stuff moved. I had originally had my blog at and move it to a my hosted website, so it would be seen at and folks wouldn’t have to leave my website. However, that’s easier said that done as I also used a new theme (free) that I found.

Anyway, I did managed to get it done with the help of my hosting company and Google searches. It’s actually not that difficult, just have to follow all the steps in order to ge it right.

I am super tired as I got up early today to play tennis and didn’t sleep that well last night.  My daugther is next to me trying to start her own blog on via Google as she thinks she’s going to earn big bucks with the Google Ad Sense!


Good night!


Interesting last few days!

Wow.. where do I begin! Let’s see, I had my interview with T-Mobile for the Infrastructure Analyst 3 position yesterday, that was OK.. I however, don’t want to write technical documents and sit behind a desk. I am a people person.

My car situation: I was rear-ended my my wife driving our Expedition and it totalled my 1994 Geo Prizm. I had purchased a 1988 Honda Accord only to have my wife and kids hate it. So, I sold it yesterday to another family and got $2500.00 for it. I bought it for $2000.00 but put an additional $700 bucks for brakes,muffler and cv boots. Oh well.. I got another rental car from Hertz so I can take my time to find something better.

I applied for a Progam Manager position at Sonosite in Bothell, WA today and the recruiter is going to be in contact with me soon.

My dad called today as I told him I would sell the Honda to him, but he was a bit slow and it sold off Craigslist in about 20 minutes.

I have gained back about 10lbs from all the stress in my life lately with the RIF coming from Verizon on 5/2 and the car situation, but… I am realizing that I can beat this and come back even stronger.

Oh… one more thing, I am trying the “virtual reality” flying help thing. I have my first actual demo on Saturday.

Speaking of Saturday, we have our USTA 4.5 match against Harbor Square that evening at 6:30pm and hopefully we’ll come out with a win and be 5-0! I am playing some singles tomorrow with Jack and played doubles this morning. But, it’s the Singles that takes the weight off!


Why my blog is more about me than about my AD

I really like to journal. I think it’s healthy for you to put your ideas on a piece of paper or in this case a computer. It’s an outlet for me to focus on other things than my Aortic Dissection. I have spent the last 4.5 years working on my website, and it’s time that I begin to focus back on my personal life. At 45 years of age, it seems like things are all finally coming together for me. Granted, I am getting laid off from the first job that I have had since college, it’s still a new beginning/chapter in my life for me where I am feeling more grounded than ever before. A sense of peace and more joy about living each day.

If you haven’t, I would recommend you check out the Max Lucado website. He’s got a couple great videos! I like the Facing your Giants one a ton!

 I also like John MacArthur as well. He’s the most knowledgeable person out there!

Thanks and have a great day!


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