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Brian’s update

Well, I am coming up on 15 years 8/23/2018. My Latest CT/Angio says everything is still stable verified by the U of W team and my buddy at Stanford. But… my valve is still leaking moderately, but…..My left ventricle is getting enlarged somewhat. I am now going to get a second opinion at Swedish Hospital. I am thinking that the suctureless value with the minimally invasive technique where they don’t have to cut your entire sternum would be great. Also, less time on the Heart Lung Machine too and quicker recovery.

Enrique Zolezzi, MD
Cardiology Fellow

Transthoracic Echocardiogram 3/15/2018:
Bicuspid aortic valve (fusion of right and left coronary cusps) with moderate regurgitation and an antegrade velocity of 1.9 m/s.
Severe left ventricular dilation (EDVI 110 ml/m2, ESVI 40 ml/m2) with normal systolic function, EF 64%.
Dilated aortic sinuses, 4.3 cm diameter. Ascending aortic graft not well seen. Diastolic flow reversal seen in the descending thoracic aorta. The aorta would be better imaged by CT or MRI.
Normal estimated pulmonary systolic pressure, 28 mm Hg.
Normal right ventricular size and systolic function.
Compared to 12/10.2015, aortic regurgitant severity is similar with an increase in LV EDVI from 89 to 110 and ESVI from 34 to 40 ml/m2.
ice of Catherine M Otto, MD
04/05/2018 10:00 AM
RE: Latest Echo
Dear Mr. Tinsley,

The echocardiogram shows the degree of aortic valve regurgitation remains the same and is moderate. The size of the aorta is also unchanged. These results are reassuring. We look forward to seeing you in clinic next month.

Enrique Zolezzi, MD
Cardiology Fellow

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] wanted to give everyone an update on me. Well, first off today is my wife’s birthday. So, we are going out to dinner tonight and watching at band. My son is home from his first semester at WSU. As well as my wife is going to pick up my daughter down at Greenlake -where she lives above PC Markets. We will have the entire family back together for the holidays. 

I am a bit over 2 weeks now recovering from my broken ribs (8 and 9).  I was goKarting and hit the wall on the right side and I think my ribs took the impact from the seat. Needless to say, I haven’t been doing anything lately. I am going to try and hit some tennis balls tomorrow with a guy on my USTA team. Our tennis season starts 1/7/18 and hopefully it will be another fun year. I am also going to play on an 18 and over team too! Plus I will continue to see how high I can get my ranking in singles in the 55’s division. 

It will be 1 year on my new left hip come 2/17/2018. I am also going to be 2 years since my Prostate Cancer on 8/25/2018 and MOST important, I will be 15 years since my AD on 8/22/2018.

I need to really concentrate on my blood pressure as I still continue to have it. And, I need  to do a better job of taking my meds daily. I still managed to take my Lexapro 20mgs.  

It’s funny I am watching Elf for the 4th time and I just love this movie. I also like the Grinch with Jim Carey. I also just watched an interesting racing documentary called Senna. It was very well done, and had a sad ending. But.. fantastic story about racing. 

In summary, I hope 2018 brings each and everyone of you the best year ever. We have so much to be thankful for. Family, friends, jobs, pets, and most importantly our faith. 

May the GOOD LORD watch upon you!

Brian 🙂

Letting others realize their joy is more rewarding than anything


God’s Roadmap to the end

Worth your time to watch.
God Bless You,

Brian 🙂

A must watch-

I highly recommend this video and really let it sink in and pay attention to the sense of urgency…

Please understand that you might be like the person who thought………… Noah, you are flat out crazy…….And I don’t believe in that stuff about Jesus and I will be OK…. Brian……….. You have gone off the deep end and are just a crazy Christian… The Bible is not true and you are freaking out about nothing…. I hope you would not think that way. ..Rather…….. what if I am right, what if you woke up and all the Christians were gone in the Rapture? What if you had to adhere to the one world religion? What if you had to take the mark of the beast? What about your kids that vanished? What if you never EVER were able to see them again? What if you read the Revelation 12 sign and what if the Blood Moons were signed? What if I told you GOD can not LIE…… PERIOD.. EVER…. What if the rumors of wars and famines, petulance,earthquakes are all increasing in intensity. What if that sign in the Heavens on 9/23/2017 that hasn’t happened in 6000 years and forward 1000 years has never occurred? What if the generation that Jesus said would see these things happen since 1948 would come true? Here’s the problem, UNLESS you give your life to Jesus Christ prior to the Rapture, you are basically toast and it’s going to be hard to survive.
If you do give your life to Jesus after the Rapture, most likely it will cost you your life to do it. Here’s another problem… Find me one lie in the Bible? All these Wars coming up are ALL predicted to come to pass. There’s not a single thing in the Bible that is not a lie. What Jesus says, goes! Period. This world is not billions of years old, we didn’t come from monkeys. Think about it…………. How can the world go one very much longer? Jesus won’t allow his land to be divided….

I hope and pray that you will give your life to Jesus Christ before it’s too late. Follow this link to pray this prayer

I will see you in Heaven hopefully…. do NOT be fooled into thinking you are going to be able to just stick your head in the sand and think nothing will happen. 9/23/17 and beyond will be a new time like never before.

Brian 🙂

Hip Surgery… Over now

I just got my left hip replaced (total hip replaced via the Anterior Approach). I got to surgery about 11:00am and my wife said it was ONLY like an hour. Dr. Claebeaux at Virginia Mason is awesome. My pain level is very low, no narcotics, just Tylenol and Advil. I am able to walk a few labs around my first floor of my house and took a shower today and was able to go up and down the stairs. I am taking 2 weeks off of work, but with my laptop allows me to do a few things if needed.

I can’t believe it’s over. I was offered the choice of a spinal and I took that for a better overall procedure. I can’t remember a thing after I got the needle in my back, absolutely nothing!!!It was a miracle!

God Bless,
Brian 🙂

My Prostate Cancer Pathology report- No cancer spread!! Praise the LORD!

Hello! Yesterday was my first week after the surgery meeting and the catheter removal. I ended up having a reaction to the catheter removal that sent my blood pressure to an extremely low level, sweats and nausea. I was basically a basket case for the next 4 hours. But.. I managed to get back into the room to see my wife and then Dr. Porter came in with the pathology report. The cancer had NOT SPREAD outside of the prostate! PRAISE THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY! I was so thrilled to here that even though, my prostate cancer was considered the HIGHLY AGGRESSIVE Gleason 9, 4 + 5, it had not spread outside to the seminal vesicles or the 24 (12/12 each side). I can not begin to tell you how relieved that I am. In fact, I haven’t been able to actually celebrate as during the catheter removal I had that reaction that pretty much sent me into a very nausea related state for the remainder of the evening.1miraclesThere is a medical term for this and my wife knows it but, apparently 1 out of 30 folks have this happen to them.

I am just so relieved, but.. this is TRULY another example of how Jesus Christ has blessed me and I am unequivocally grateful for this entire event. If you were to really look deep into how this call came about, it’s nothing but a MIRACLE. There’s just absolutely no other reasoning to justify it other than GOD himself.

I am so thankful for all the prayers from everyone! My wife, my parents, my friends, EVERYONE has been so loving and kind to me. I am still just so relieved that the cancer is gone!

Brian 🙂

Guess What…. I now have Prostate Cancer

OK… GOD’s Plan for me just recently changed. As I approach my 13 year anniversary from my AD on 8/22/2016. I know have been dealt a new situation. I was scheduled for my left hip to be replaced on 4/4/2016. For some reason, my hip surgeon said I had to have a physical w/in 30 days of the surgery for my hip replacement. Another issue was that for some strange reason, my doctor who’s also on my tennis team ordered a PSA test.

I had never had one before nor did I even know what it was. I had the DRE’s before, but I was not on a yearly physical route. Well, I got the call from Dr. Steve, “Brian…. everything looks good and then the BUT………………….. you have a high PSA of 5.  WTF did that mean? Well, being an internet junkie I began to investigate. In the meantime, I went to a local urologist office in Edmunds Washington, Sound Urological Associates. I never even got seen by a Urologist, rather the PA. Who was a  gal to top it off and she gave me the DRE. It lasted about 30 second and I hurt for a week!

Then she also ordered a Free PSA test that came back PSA of 4.7, but… FREE PSA of 8.6% and under 10% was bad! So, back to the internet and Blue Cross Escalations…………………. My research told me that the 3T multiparametric Pelvic MRI woudl reveal the more aggressive cancer. So, after two appeals with Blue Cross, they denied it and I am still paying the $1400.00 for the test I paid for myself. That revealed a score of 2 and that it didn’t require a MRI guided or fusion biopsy. So, I was trying to get the MRI done originally at Overlake Hospital. Why? When I searched for 3T, overlake was the only place that came up. I met with the Urologist there, he did a PSA and said my PSA was 8.0 and my DRE he said my prostate felt large. I thought he was full of shit from the word go! Stay away from Overlake Urology! It turned out my prostate was not enlarged at all! The biopsy revealed it. More about that in a bit.

So… I hooked up with Virginia Mason, Dr. John Corman. This guy is top notch. He said we need a Biopsy and he got my MRI from Seattle Radiologist and also said I needed a Fusion Biopsy. I thought WTF again and that I dreaded the Biopsy (TRUS) so bad, not I will not only get 12 needles, but more from the Fusion guided one. It turns out that when VM called to schedule both of them, the said Seattle Radiologist had read the report wrong and that it was a PRA2 not a PRA3 and Fegus Cokely at Oregon Health and Sciences agreed with VM’s interpretation as well.

So… when I called back, they said the Biopsy ONLY would be required. I had read so much about all the pain associated that I had psyched myself out. But.. Dr. Corman was great.. The entire process took under 15 minutes and the pain wasn’t bad at all. So…………………..that phone call you dread to get after a biopsy. “Brian, Dr. Corman here, I got your biopsy results and, You have Prostate Cancer, and moreover, you have 3 out of 12 of your samples that are a Gleason 9.

Meaning, you have AGGRESSIVE Prostate Cancer.” I said, “I need to catch my breath and then he said, you need to get down here and get a Bone and CT scan so we can make sure the “aggressive cancer” has not spread to your bones or lymph nodes.  Another PANIC button… What does early stages of aggressive PC exhibit? So, I started freeking myself out that my shoulder hurt that there was some blood in my urine (Actually left over from biopsy and common) and that my lymph nodes in my arm pits started to hurt and that it HAD spread. Once you get that You have “cancer” of any kind, it’s not a good call.

So, yesterday was the longest and most stressful day of my life. I had to be at Virginia Mason at 0700 for the Bone Scan IV and then onto the CT scan, where not only was it contrast via the IV, it was 2 full bottles of the worst tasting crap ever. I had to hold my nose to get it down!  So, I had my CT scan and then back upstairs for the Body Scan which was scary as I felt trapped and had to have a trial run and turn my head to the side so I could see out.

Then, we had 2 hours to kill and wait for the three doctors appointments. At 2pm was Dr. John Corman, at 3:30pm was the Radiologist/Oncologist and finally at 4:20pm the Oncologist. Let me tell you spending a day at the hospital is depressing and it makes you REALLY appreciate what you have. But.. for me, I was doing OK UNTIL my 2pm appointment, as I and my wife and parents walked in and sat down, we began to pray and Dr. Corman walked in. My BP which was taken just prior to his arrival shot up to 194/65. I was about to pass out. He said, ” your Bone and CT scan reveal nothing has spread outside of the prostate. And… to top it off, we looked at the biopsy and are lowering the Gleason from 9 to 8. Which is still considered in the most aggressive, but I considered it a slice of good news. It’s bad enough getting the call you have Aggressive Prostate Cancer, but.. waiting to hear you might have Aggressive PC spread all over your body is just about enough to knock you out! Or send your BP straight up! Which is what happened to me with anxiety. However, the GOOD LORD and the PRAYERS from everyone help me and my own faith, have really helped me see the value of my life. I literally felt like my life started over yesterday.

Now, I have to decided what I am going to do. Thank goodness for Dr. Corman and the other 2 doctors I saw and my relationship with Dr. Liang and his connection to Dr. Gill at Stanford. All of the agreed the Radical Prostitecomy via the Divinci machine is the way to go. Virginia Mason has the highest success rate treating prostate cancer in the NW. And… Dr. Corman said that he was going to check with the Vascular department about my existing AD condition. Dr. Catherine Otto at the U of w thinks I should have a cardiac anesthesiologist there as a precautionary measure. Dr. Liang says because my AD has been stable for 13 years, it’s not necessary. But. I told Dr. Corman I would feel better if there was one.

Now…….down another rabbit hole…… Proton Therapy… We have the Seattle Caner Care Alliance in our back yard in Seattle and of course they are using that Proton Therapy to treat PC. But… after my own studying and my input form others, I want the darn thing out as it’s the thing producing the cancer to begin with. So, I have made my decision to stick with VM and Dr. Corman.  He’s apparently done almost 1000+ of these surgeries. VM is top notch I must say… Very impressed with that place!

So, I let the Prostate Coordinator know that I wanted to move forward and she said Peter from scheduling would get me in around 8/24 or 8/26 as you have to wait 6 weeks after the biopsy to do the surgery.

God Bless,

Brian 🙂

My new blog:



What’s new with Brian


It’s been a while since I posted something personally. So, here it goes. I was scheduled to have my left hip replaced (2nd attempt) on 4/4/2016. One of the requirements is a physical exam within 30 days of the operation. It just happened that my doctor decided to order a PSA test w/o my knowledge. So, I got that call that “Brian, everything looks good… but…. Your PSA is at 5.0” and I recommend you see a urologist. So, the next day I got to Edmonds Urological Associates and see their PA. She proceeds to give me a DRE exam and then says, “normal” and that we should order a Free PSA test. That was ordered and it came back, at 4.7 and a free PSA of 8.6%. Which anything below 10% is more probable of cancer. So, with that result, I put on my medical hat and started doing research. I read that a Prostate Pelvic 3T MRI was the way to go. But… after 2nd level appeals to worthless Blue Cross, they feel you should do it the other way, have the TRUS biopsy and if they don’t find anything and your PSA is still high, then get the MRI. However, from what I learned and paid out of my own pocket $1400.00 (paid $700.00 down and making payments on the balance) is that the MRI finds the more dangerous cancers and the TRUS finds the lower grade cancers and slow growing.

I got the MRI done and had it sent to the Urologist at Virgina Mason, John Corman. He read the review and I got the call that not only was their a small lesion (PRA-3) and that I would need another MRI for a fusion biopsy and plus the TRUS biopsy, so now up to 18 needles! Ouch! So, I began to really freak myself out.. I got the call the next day and she said she was calling to schedule my TRUS biopsy. I said, “what about the fusion one?” she said, Oh… Dr. Corman and the VM radiology team review the films and discovered that the Seattle Radiologist did not make the correct diagnosis. My urologist said according to the 2016 guidelines, my lesion would be a PRA-2 and that doesn’t warrant a MRI. I got a second opinion on the MRI for review by one of the worlds leading radiologist, Dr. Fergous Cokely. He’s at Oregon Health and Sciences, he too reviewed my films and said the same thing as Dr. Corman and the VM Radiology staff. What a relief! But… Dr. Cokely said that there’s still a 5-20% chance my TRUS biopsy could show something. But.. I am hopeful that it will be nothing.. July 15th is my biopsy date.

If you have ever thought or wished to make a donation to the site, I could SURE use the help.. Really could use it!

All the best!
Brian 🙂

I could really use your help

Hi Everyone,

If you ever wanted to make a donation, now would be a good time! I have my website hosting notice that I need to renew for this site. My car, 1998 Dodge Durango’s transmission is going out and my daughters alternator is bad and car is just sitting in driveway.

I know that this is a tough time for everyone and I get it. Again, this is ONLY an ask if you happen to be able to help.

All the best to you!
Your friend,.
Brian 🙂

Getting Closer to my left total hip replacement

I am approaching my surgery date on 12/21 with Dr. William Barrett. I had my physical (a requirement) from Dr. Barrett’s office about 2 weeks ago. However, the intern who did my physical wanted a new “echo cardiogram” done. So, I went down today and had another one, even though my last one was only 13 months old. As I sat on the table, my mind raced in all directions. First thought, they will see my leak (moderate) has gotten worse and will cancel the surgery and tell me the surgery I need is a new valve! As I laid there and listened to my heart beating, it made me realize that every heart beat is so important and just how fragile we are. tennisball I know my tennis is going to take a back seat for a while. I am going to be the captain again for my men’s 40+ 4.5 team. We made it to the sectionals last year for the first time in 10 years! I have been watching a ton of YouTube videos and it appears that the anterior approach is the way to go! I have seen folks up and walking within just a couple hours of surgery! And… not much pain at all. My parents are going to come over and bring their lazy boy chair and a cane for me. I plan on not pushing it and trying to ice as much as possible and just do the basics. I have requested to be out from 12/21/15 to 1/6/16. However, I am most likely going to do some work the last week of December if I can from my PC.

My other issue is that the Toporol XL 200mgs that I am on sometimes makes my heart rate too low and last time Dr. Otto was concerned. I am hopeful that I get through this with GOD’s help and the GOOD LORD watching over me!6246406085_501893fbed

Update: I got a call the day after my echo stating that they wanted me to come in for a CT/Angio as well. I began to start thinking, “what is up here? and is there something wrong? I was actually able to email Dr. Catherine Otto and she replied back that it was time for my CT/Angio anyways (been 2 years) and that my echo looked stable. I have a moderate leak. I was just relieved that nothing major was wrong. And now on 12/10/15 I will have my CT and then have Dr. Otto review it with me and hopefully the CT will show things stable as well.

More to come!
Brian 🙂

Ron Corcoron-A TRUE FRIEND…………. He will be missed….

Remembering my long time tennis buddy and wonderful man whom I had the pleasure to know. My mom told me that he passed away recently and I was unaware. However, I wanted him and others to know what a special and wonderful person Ron was. He was a TRUE kind heated loving man.

Article source:

Coach, Christmas serial author Corcoran dies

I was born (sixty-six years ago) and raised in Bremerton, Washington and locally schooled through (of all things) a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering from the University of Washington in 1965.
Ron (1)
My career included two stints in California and one in Scotland, and culminated in my being a program manager for the Department of the Navy – the last twenty-six years of which were at (what became) the Trident Submarine Base at Bangor, Washington.

I’ve “extracurricularly dabbled” in the newspaper business for the last twenty-five years as a publisher, an editor, and a columnist – having a great deal of fun in the process. For the past four years, I have contributed serialized Children’s Christmas stories to The Kitsap SUN as a volunteer endeavor to re-institute a sixty year old Holiday season tradition at The SUN and “give back” to my community via a self-stylized attempt to increase the interest of local elementary-aged children in reading and, even better, creative writing.

My wife (and high school sweetheart) Judy and I live in Bremerton and are both retired and avid tennis players.

Ron Corcoran

Thanks for the support-I could really use it!

4250540156_9199470b19I haven’t posted anything in quite a long time. I am presently getting ready for my left hip resurfacing surgery on 6/23/2015. Dr. Pritchett will do my surgery, he’s done over 4,000 of these operations. I am kind of nervous, but just had a friend (tennis buddy) have his today. I am to the point that I can’t put my left sock on or tie my left shoe, or have a really tough time getting into my car as it’s too low to the ground. I can’t afford a newer car that is taller, but might take over my sons car for a while. My daughter is finishing up at the U of W in June, just paid our last tuition payment. I am so broke and in need of a financial miracle! I am hoping that perhaps someone that is way better off that me and my family might find it in their heart to make a considerable donation. I might may $1.00 every two days if that with my Google Adsense and Amazon, even worse. So, the ability to use this site to help raise any money via those two methods hasn’t work period 🙂

I hate to ask for any help as it really hurts my pride. I am trying to figure out how I got into this situation, I finally think it’s due to my “depression” that I was diagnosed with after my surgery. I am taking 20 mgs of Lexapro per day, but still find myself depressed now due to my financial situation.

I am praying for a financial miracle and hoping GOD might send someone who might be interested in helping me and my family out.

I have a donate page as well as you could always send payment to my home also found on the donate page.

I understand as well that I got myself into this mess and it’s my responsibility to get me out of it. It’s just going to take me a long time to do it and the stress of it isn’t good for my blood pressure.

I hope that someone out there might find it in their heart to want to help, not asking or demanding by any means, ONLY if you feel it in your heart and you feel no obligation, it’s just a person willing to perhaps share the love with us.

Kind Regards,
Brian Tinsley:)

A message from the Cross by Billy Graham

A great Easter Message, he died on the CROSS and HE IS RISEN!

Brian 🙂

Echo Cardiogram Review at the U of W today 1/10/2015

I met with Dr. Otto at the U of W today and we reviewed my last echo cardiogram. I have a leaky aortic valve. It’s not ready to be replaced yet, but…… they said that I will most likely someday need either a Pigs valve or a mechanical valve. What I didn’t know what how long she said some of these pigs valve’s can last.

I also am now going to have to have my echo’s yearly and another CT/Angio coming up to make sure my aorta is stable. I had one 2 years ago that was stable.

All this is scary to me and just being in the waiting room, you do a lot of thinking about everything. Now, I also have a bad left hip that is going to need to be replaced sooner or later and the doctor was concerned that my blood pressure will need to get better controlled.

I also found out that with my leaky valve that my Toporol XL is making my heart beat too low which actually turns out to make my heart have to pump harder to force all the blood out. So, I am going way down on the prescription and going up on the Mycardias/HCTZ and then another dose of just Mycardias at night. I am going to have to track it daily for 30 days and then report back.

Don’t forget, if you shop at you can help support the site.

Brian 🙂

Something worth watching and making a decision on your faith

I know that GOD spared me a second chance at life, I also know that I am not perfect and that I am a sinner. I know that Jesus Christ died on the cross for my sins and rose again on the third day and is seated at the right hand of the father. I also know for a fact that he’s coming back soon to remove the church and then the tribulation will begin -a time of Jacob’s trouble it’s called. You can say, “oh Brian………… you are crazy, the Bible isn’t true, there’s no Jesus, no GOD, everything is just going to work out”. However, what if you are wrong? What if these signs (in the video) of these prophetic events are true? What if there is a HELL? It’s just my hope to not pass judgement, rather to offer you another chance to perhaps reconsider your external future?

12 Years Anniversary!!!! 8/22/2014

Well, they said I had a 50/50 chance of living after my initial open heart surgery. Then they said I had 50% chance of making it past 10 years, so here I am! I made it and continue to live each day very thankful. I am feeling pretty darn good, my tennis game is in a bit of a pickle as I have a bad case of Osteoarthritis in my left hip. I have seen 3 surgeons and they all agree. I got a cortisone shot and it feels a bit better and I am making due with it, it’s not that painful, just hard to put on my left shoe and sock. I have a special sock tool and my wife or kids help me tie my left shoe.

I just got taken to the cleaners on a bad Craigslist deal while buying a gift for my wife. I was going to surprise her, and drove 150 miles, rented a car, and when I got there to purchase what I was told was an excellent condition interior and a car “my wife would drive” I found out that it was missing the back seat and roof rack (which I didn’t know) till my wife told me. After I put a new muffler on it (my choice) I had the oil changed and was told the front left tie-rod was shot, so $500.00 later, $300 for the muffler and then $1200.00 for both front and back brakes plus the left front air ride shock was shot and had to get new ones up front. Lesson learned, don’t by on emotions even though I was trying to do a good thing for my wife. Now, the title will be here tomorrow and I have to spend another $500.00 to license it.

Financially, I have been pretty good, haven’t received any donations, but this site isn’t about me, it’s about giving back to others -that was the main goal of the site. I am glad that it’s been 12 years, I have not had a chance to get back to the ER and my thoracic surgeon, Dr. James Brevig to thank them.

All in all, I am thankful to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am not perfect my any means and struggle daily with depression, been on Lexapro for 12 years and top that off with 200 mgs of Toporol XL, I am struggling in other areas as well 🙂

I wish you all the best and will continue to count my blessing and give thanks to the Good Lord for allowing me extra time on this stage.

Kind Regards,
Brian 🙂

My left hip pain

I had my cortisone shot in my left hip today. I have been diagnosed with some early signs of osteoarthritis and have been having trouble getting on my left shoe and sock on. I have a sock device and long shoe horn to help me. So, I went to the best hip doctor around in Washington State and they recommended a cortisone shot. However, I am getting a MRI next week. The doctor that did my shot today was great, it was really like a mini surgery, I was nervous and my wife had to drive me home.

I am hoping to get back on the tennis courts this weekend. My BP was really high this morning and I think mostly due to the fact of my nervousness. Otherwise, things are going pretty good for me. My daughter got an internship at -a wedding site and she’s going back to the U of W in fall. She just turned 19 and my son is 15 and driving now! We need a new car as our main car, 1997 Expedition has 202,000 miles on it and my car has 198,000 and my son will need a car soon! Yikes! 🙂

Take care,
Brian 🙂

What are we complaining about?

It’s March 8th, and I am sitting on the couch, my daughter is at work and my son’s away at Lacrosse camp. Meanwhile, my wife is upstairs working on her school work for her 1/2 kindergarten class. As I have been watching the tennis (partially) I have been on YouTube and came across 3 pretty amazing videos that I highly recommend watching.

Terri Calvesbert – 10 Year Olds – Extraordinary People

Happy Life:

The boy with the incredible brain:

All of these videos are definitely worth watching and very humbling and uplifting. I personally consider myself lucky as I got a second chance at life and will be coming up on 12 years on 8/22/2014 since my AorticDissection. However, watching these stories and seeing the world from their viewpoint -it really puts life into perspective for me. I hope you too will find this videos uplifting and give you a better perspective on your life and realize that everybody has struggles.

I haven’t done a personal post in quite a long time and felt that it’s time to start posting again as this website is about “living with my aorticdissection” as well as helping others deal with that life. I hope you have a nice day!

God Bless,
Brian 🙂

Persistance and Motivation, keep on going…..

Ithought this was a fitting picture. I was thinking about “motivation” and what it really means to an aortic-dissection survivor.

I know in my own personal life, I equate a lot of my motivation on the tennis court and how well I am playing. I lost in my first round of a tournament last night. I had played this guy and had I been able to win my serve at 4-4 (30 love), I know I would have went on to win the set and the third set he probably would have defaulted. I had all these plans on how I would win this tournament, but….. it didn’t happen. Just like I had no plans to experience an aortic-dissection and have my entire life changed forever. However, you can either go in two directions, one positive and stay motivated, or go on a downward spiral. I am sure it’s not easy either way. It’s all what you are telling your self in your mind and that’s what you act upon. I have been listening to a tape I got off the web to help me with my “fear of flying” and it’s dealing with the subconscious.

Don’t forget, if you ever need someone to reach out to, or need me to get you some answers, just call me at 206.550.7957 or email me at

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