I highly recommend this video and really let it sink in and pay attention to the sense of urgency… Please understand that you might be like the person who thought………… […]

I just got my left hip replaced (total hip replaced via the Anterior Approach). I got to surgery about 11:00am and my wife said it was ONLY like an hour. […]

Hi, It’s been a while since I posted something personally. So, here it goes. I was scheduled to have my left hip replaced (2nd attempt) on 4/4/2016. One of the […]

I had my cortisone shot in my left hip today. I have been diagnosed with some early signs of osteoarthritis and have been having trouble getting on my left shoe […]


Ifound this drawing today searching around. It’s very good at showing all the various parts of the aorta. It’s Saturday and my wife is studying, my son’s playing X-box and […]