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  1. My mom was recently diagnosed with a type b dissection which is 5 cm. same day she was also diagnosed with Cushing disease. She has a huge tumor in her adrenal gland. She was in the hospital for 8 days and many doctors met and it was decided her best treatment would be to remove the adrenal gland and control the blood pressure for the dissection. Her blood pressure is now under control. She went and met with John elefteriades and he says that she will need 2 surgeries to repair the dissection and to leave the adrenal gland alone. I called and spoke with my moms cardiologist and he said that if it was his mom he wouldn’t let her do the surgery. He said good Drs met at the hospital and they decided not to do the dissection surgery but to remove the adrenal gland. I want to make the right desicion my mom is 58 years. She also has a large kidney that the surgeon says she also has to have a kidney stone removed that was also found same time. Please let me know what I should do I know her case is rare.

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