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Illness and hospitalization are the one family concern that no one wants to happen, but for the family of Kevin Hall of Anza, that misfortune struck Nov. 24, only a few days before Thanksgiving.

The Anza Valley Outlook heard of the plight in a letter written by Gina Hall and her friends. The family’s dilemma is best explained in Gina’s own words.

“Many of you know that on Nov. 24 Kevin had an aortic dissection and needed emergency open heart surgery. He was life flighted from Temecula Valley hospital to UCSD in La Jolla. He had the surgery and it went picture perfect but a few days of him not waking up from the surgery led Dr’s to do further testing.

“They found that he had multiple strokes throughout his brain and so it was a sit and wait until he started to wake up. For three and a half weeks my husband was in a coma not waking up. I had no idea if he would ever wake up and all I could do along with our five children was pray. He has had many complications during those three and half weeks. His heart stopped three times.

“He had more strokes, he has gone into repository distress more times then I count. I have seen him struggling for his life as he was drowning in his own blood when he first got there and that is an image that will haunt me forever. After almost a month he finally woke up and as great as that is, things have become very tough. He is paralyzed on his right side and he has to learn how reuse everything. His mind is good as far as thinking and memory but he is having some trouble with getting his words out.

“He has a feeding tube still and he’s getting intense therapy a few times a day. He will have to go into a long-term rehabilitation center for a long time, they said anywhere from six months to a year. Our family is more than grateful that he has come so far and that he is still with us.

“We are however in financial trouble as Kevin has always provided for us working dawn till dusk six days a week. We have an autistic 5-year-old who requires full time care and so I have always stayed home to care for him. Many have been very kind and donated to our Go Fund Me and we are more than grateful for that as it has paid our December rent and utilities and gas.

“Still, I have been going back and forth from Anza to La Jolla 85 miles one way. I am in the process of getting disability started and once the application is processed it will be six months before we see a dime. I am really starting to panic as we are out of money and as of Wednesday, Dec. 19, our hospital bill is at $450,000 and that isn’t the helicopter ride or Temecula Valley Hospital’s bill. I am not one to ask for handouts and I never take when I don’t need it but right now I have no choice. Thank you to all that have been so kind and generous.”

Written by Gina Hall.

The Kevin Hall recovery information in on the family’s GoFundMe page at http://www/

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