Ok…. Here we go! Monday, I am scheduled to meet with Dr. James Brevig, it’s been over 15 years since my original ER surgery to save my life. I will be interested to hear what he has to say. I also have an echo of my aorta. I have never had this done and I think the reasoning was that I had a CT/Angio last year and they wanted to hold off on the radiation. I also am scheduled to see Gabe at the U of W later in December.

My main cardiologist, Dr. David Liang says that I don’t need surgery just quite yet and I trust him so very much!

More to come……..Brian 🙂

OK.. 12/3… I met with Dr. Brevig for almost an hour, he was great and said that he could do my surgery and I had a 5-6% risk factor. I would have my aortic root and valve replaced. The one really thing I like about Dr. Brevig, he’s calm and cool and very confident! The plan is surgery in Late June and an echo in May as well as a procedure to check my coronary arteries.