Yikes……………. I was at the ER last night for my wife. Just after my son has been complaining of chest pain, my wife woke up yesterday complaining of chest pain in the middle of her chest. So, off to the Providence Everett ER room. I have to say, they were great! She had a couple of EKG tests that did come back with a slight abnormality, as well as a d-dimer test and a few other blood tests plus a chest X-Ray.

We left after about 3 hours there and my wife is going to get stress test done early this week. She is still sleeping and I am hoping that her pain has gone away. However, I am concerned it could be something else like a clogged artery to the heart? Or high cholesterol, but hopefully the stress test and possible echo cardiogram will shed some light.

I have my first of 2 appointments with the doctor at Virginia Mason tomorrow about my value and aortic root issue as well as on 12/3 my appointment with Dr. James Brevig who did my original emergency open heart surgery at Providence Everett.

GOD…. Please help our family to get through this and have the hope to be strong in our faith.

Brian 🙂