I just have been doing more research and trying to find out where/when I would get my aortic valve, aortic root and possibly my aortic arch replaced. I think I have found, in fact, I know that I found the guy. Dr. Luis Castro The Sequoia Hospital Heart & Vascular Institute in Redding CA. It’s not in my state of Washington, but, this guys got the reviews and reputation as an expert w/proven results. Here’s a video he did. Here’s another one too! “Understanding Heart Valve Replacement Choices: What you need to know.”

I am going to see about sending my latest echo to him and getting his advice. As well as sending it to Dr. Liang at Stanford. However, Dr. Castro has my vote.

I am trying to figure out why I am feeling kind of nauseous lately. I started my BP meds (100mgs of Metroprolol and Mycardias/HCTZ 80/25) and I swear I felt light headed the day of my echo as my BP got up to 200/77. I don’t know if an aortic valve (leaky biscuspid) has this light headiness feeling.

I know the stress of making a decision affects all of my family and my wife being a school teacher, she will need some time off. But… I also don’t know how soon I will need the surgery either. I need to get a “firm” answer from Dr. Castro and take it from there.

God Bless,
Brian 🙂