I just found out this week that my aortic valve(bicuspid valve) is now leaking at the moderate/severe level and that my left ventricle is enlarged due to the overloading. Also, I was informed that my aortic root was at 5cm and my cardiologist, Dr. Otto at the University of Washington said it was time to start looking.

What was interesting is that they scheduled me to get another echo in 6 months, but said they would schedule me with the surgeon Dr. Ed Verrier.
So, I am waiting to see what that appointment will be. I also have another surgeon there Dr.Gabriel Aldea, that I want to see. As well as I have appointments with Dr. Paul Ryan at Swedish and also with my original surgeon Dr. James Brevig at Providence.

My decision to where to have my surgery is going to be based on who is the most qualified and which surgery institution has the best success rate. I am a bit leary of going to a teaching hospital such as the U of W, but my logic is simply I don’t want students assisting my surgery. I want the well run team that works well together. I am holding a bias only because I personally don’t know if my statement is actually true. My research has led me to wanting to do it at Swedish with Dr. Paul Ryan whom actually assisted Dr. James Brevig 15 years ago in Everett.

My existing Dacron tube will be removed and from what I gather, a longer piece will be required to cover the aortic root and in harmony, my leaking aortic valve replaced at the same time. Dr. Otto seems to think Ed Verrier is the most qualified. But, she’s biased for wanting her institution to do it. I am sure it would be a great learning experience as I doubt they have this many of my type of surgery requirements. I actually emailed Gabe at the U of W last night about my situation and will be interested to get his response. Gabe got back to me and he said both him and Ed could do the surgery.

I also reached out to Mr. Starnes at USC who is considered on of the top surgeons in the world regarding heart stuff. I hope to hear from him too.

God Bless, Jesus is coming soon!
Brian 🙂