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Another Emergency Room Visit

Yikes……………. I was at the ER last night for my wife. Just after my son has been complaining of chest pain, my wife woke up yesterday complaining of chest pain in the middle of her chest. So, off to the Providence Everett ER room. I have to say, they were great! She had a couple of EKG tests that did come back with a slight abnormality, as well as a d-dimer test and a few other blood tests plus a chest X-Ray.

We left after about 3 hours there and my wife is going to get stress test done early this week. She is still sleeping and I am hoping that her pain has gone away. However, I am concerned it could be something else like a clogged artery to the heart? Or high cholesterol, but hopefully the stress test and possible echo cardiogram will shed some light.

I have my first of 2 appointments with the doctor at Virginia Mason tomorrow about my value and aortic root issue as well as on 12/3 my appointment with Dr. James Brevig who did my original emergency open heart surgery at Providence Everett.

GOD…. Please help our family to get through this and have the hope to be strong in our faith.

Brian 🙂

Emergency Room Visit last night

My son was complaining about having a chest pains and he’d been off at college. He went to the WSU hospital and they said he had Mono. He wore a monitor for a few days and all tests came back clear. Then yesterday, he said he was still feeling pains and at dinner we ended up leaving and getting it to go.

Well, I took him to the ER at Providence Everett (where I had my surgery) and I told the ER doctor about my condition and that I wanted him to have a CT/Angio, D-dimer test and a partial echo. So, my wish was granted and he got all 3 and all the tests turned out clear. I was so scared that he might have some aortic condition or valve issue.

God IS GOOD! Jesus Christ is in charge!
Brian 🙂

Bicuspid aortic valve: Prevalence, genetics and natural history.

Dr. Otto, my cardiologist the U of W.


Blood Pressure Meds….. Decisions to make

I just have been doing more research and trying to find out where/when I would get my aortic valve, aortic root and possibly my aortic arch replaced. I think I have found, in fact, I know that I found the guy. Dr. Luis Castro The Sequoia Hospital Heart & Vascular Institute in Redding CA. It’s not in my state of Washington, but, this guys got the reviews and reputation as an expert w/proven results. Here’s a video he did. Here’s another one too! “Understanding Heart Valve Replacement Choices: What you need to know.”

I am going to see about sending my latest echo to him and getting his advice. As well as sending it to Dr. Liang at Stanford. However, Dr. Castro has my vote.

I am trying to figure out why I am feeling kind of nauseous lately. I started my BP meds (100mgs of Metroprolol and Mycardias/HCTZ 80/25) and I swear I felt light headed the day of my echo as my BP got up to 200/77. I don’t know if an aortic valve (leaky biscuspid) has this light headiness feeling.

I know the stress of making a decision affects all of my family and my wife being a school teacher, she will need some time off. But… I also don’t know how soon I will need the surgery either. I need to get a “firm” answer from Dr. Castro and take it from there.

God Bless,
Brian 🙂

Emergency Medicine & Acute Care Series – Aortic Dissection Diagnosis

Granted, it’s a bit old, still worth viewing.
Brian 🙂

Management of Aortic Dissection (Jean Bismuth, MD) Saturday, August 20, 2016

Very interesting..

Aortic Dissection | Rodney’s Story

Great success story!

My Aortic Valve is in need of replacement as well as my Aortic Root

I just found out this week that my aortic valve(bicuspid valve) is now leaking at the moderate/severe level and that my left ventricle is enlarged due to the overloading. Also, I was informed that my aortic root was at 5cm and my cardiologist, Dr. Otto at the University of Washington said it was time to start looking.

What was interesting is that they scheduled me to get another echo in 6 months, but said they would schedule me with the surgeon Dr. Ed Verrier.
So, I am waiting to see what that appointment will be. I also have another surgeon there Dr.Gabriel Aldea, that I want to see. As well as I have appointments with Dr. Paul Ryan at Swedish and also with my original surgeon Dr. James Brevig at Providence.

My decision to where to have my surgery is going to be based on who is the most qualified and which surgery institution has the best success rate. I am a bit leary of going to a teaching hospital such as the U of W, but my logic is simply I don’t want students assisting my surgery. I want the well run team that works well together. I am holding a bias only because I personally don’t know if my statement is actually true. My research has led me to wanting to do it at Swedish with Dr. Paul Ryan whom actually assisted Dr. James Brevig 15 years ago in Everett.

My existing Dacron tube will be removed and from what I gather, a longer piece will be required to cover the aortic root and in harmony, my leaking aortic valve replaced at the same time. Dr. Otto seems to think Ed Verrier is the most qualified. But, she’s biased for wanting her institution to do it. I am sure it would be a great learning experience as I doubt they have this many of my type of surgery requirements. I actually emailed Gabe at the U of W last night about my situation and will be interested to get his response. Gabe got back to me and he said both him and Ed could do the surgery.

I also reached out to Mr. Starnes at USC who is considered on of the top surgeons in the world regarding heart stuff. I hope to hear from him too.

God Bless, Jesus is coming soon!
Brian 🙂

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