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Well, I am coming up on 15 years 8/23/2018. My Latest CT/Angio says everything is still stable verified by the U of W team and my buddy at Stanford. But… my valve is still leaking moderately, but…..My left ventricle is getting enlarged somewhat. I am now going to get a second opinion at Swedish Hospital. I am thinking that the suctureless value with the minimally invasive technique where they don’t have to cut your entire sternum would be great. Also, less time on the Heart Lung Machine too and quicker recovery.

Enrique Zolezzi, MD
Cardiology Fellow

Transthoracic Echocardiogram 3/15/2018:
Bicuspid aortic valve (fusion of right and left coronary cusps) with moderate regurgitation and an antegrade velocity of 1.9 m/s.
Severe left ventricular dilation (EDVI 110 ml/m2, ESVI 40 ml/m2) with normal systolic function, EF 64%.
Dilated aortic sinuses, 4.3 cm diameter. Ascending aortic graft not well seen. Diastolic flow reversal seen in the descending thoracic aorta. The aorta would be better imaged by CT or MRI.
Normal estimated pulmonary systolic pressure, 28 mm Hg.
Normal right ventricular size and systolic function.
Compared to 12/10.2015, aortic regurgitant severity is similar with an increase in LV EDVI from 89 to 110 and ESVI from 34 to 40 ml/m2.
ice of Catherine M Otto, MD
04/05/2018 10:00 AM
RE: Latest Echo
Dear Mr. Tinsley,

The echocardiogram shows the degree of aortic valve regurgitation remains the same and is moderate. The size of the aorta is also unchanged. These results are reassuring. We look forward to seeing you in clinic next month.

Enrique Zolezzi, MD
Cardiology Fellow


Predictors of acute aortic dissection diagnosis identified


Rock from the Heart for Aortic Health


  1. guerdon smith

    Thank you and God bless you and your work. Knowing I am not alone has helped me beyond measure.

  2. Tim

    I’m so glad to hear that you’re still doing well after 15 years. My dissection and surgery was a lot like yours. I’m two years out from my dissection now and am doing ok. I hadn’t seen anything written by you in a long time and worried that you hadn’t survived this long. Very happy to hear that you’re still with us. Your story gives me hope for long-term survival!

  3. facebook-profile-picture

    Thanks Tim………. Yes… 8/22/18 will be 15 years. Unfortunately, now I am dealing with my 2 year anniversary of my Prostate Cancer and it looks like according to my PSA test from just last week, that the minimalist amount 0.014 was detected. It could be an error in the machine’s reporting, or it could be a sign that there is some residual left. So, I am trying to come up with a plan and have already started some appointments scheduled for later this month with different radiologist to see what type of radiation therapy or proton therapy might be needed. Or… by a miracle of GOD, perhaps my next PSA test in 3 months will go back to undetectable. 🙂

  4. Jim Thompson

    Hey Brian,

    My 9th is coming up 8/22/2018. I didn’t realize our surgeries were on the same day.

    Good to hear you’re doing well.

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