[dropcap]I[/dropcap] am basically drowning in debt. It’s 100% my fault and my lack of financial stupidity. However, I am also aware this was also tied to my depression and my days of buying and selling tennis racket are over. I finally had a come to Jesus meeting and have adopted the Dave Ramsey plan of getting out of debt. My problem is that I can’t quite start, meaning I am not bringing enough in to cover my bills. Again, my problem not your -my own lack of responsibility. But, I am now 1000% committed to getting myself and family out of dept. It’s been all my fault for my careless spending on crap. I have nothing to really show for it. No fancy house, no fancy cars, absolutely really nothing.

If you are a person that has ever considered about wanting to help out someone who really needs it, then I am that person. I have been running this site for 14 years now and paid for it all by myself. I ONLY would ask if you are that person (s) that feels it in your heart to share some love with a donation, that would be wonderful. Again, don’t feel sorry for me please. I got myself into this, I MUST get myself out of it. 

My address for mailing is:

2921 101st Place SE, Everett, WA 98208

Or I have a GO FUND ME button to click as another option to donate to the site. Again, not mandatory and ONLY, and ONLY if your financial situation permits it. Don’t sacrifice your family’s financial obligations to help me please. Only if you are in a situation where you have the ability to offer a donation. 🙂

In summary, I don’t know who you might be, but if you feel it in your heart and you are not sacrificing anything from your own family, it would be wonderful!

May the GOOD LORD richly bless you! And I hope your AD is doing well. I am due for a CT/Angio on 2/14/18. It will be 15 years on 8/22/18 since my AD Ascending dissection date.

I hope I am still remaining stable. I know my heart valve is at a moderate leak and starting to wonder if the reason I am so tired is perhaps the leaking? I will be getting an echo soon too!


Brian 🙂