[dropcap]I[/dropcap] wanted to give everyone an update on me. Well, first off today is my wife’s birthday. So, we are going out to dinner tonight and watching at band. My son is home from his first semester at WSU. As well as my wife is going to pick up my daughter down at Greenlake -where she lives above PC Markets. We will have the entire family back together for the holidays. 

I am a bit over 2 weeks now recovering from my broken ribs (8 and 9).  I was goKarting and hit the wall on the right side and I think my ribs took the impact from the seat. Needless to say, I haven’t been doing anything lately. I am going to try and hit some tennis balls tomorrow with a guy on my USTA team. Our tennis season starts 1/7/18 and hopefully it will be another fun year. I am also going to play on an 18 and over team too! Plus I will continue to see how high I can get my ranking in singles in the 55’s division. 

It will be 1 year on my new left hip come 2/17/2018. I am also going to be 2 years since my Prostate Cancer on 8/25/2018 and MOST important, I will be 15 years since my AD on 8/22/2018.

I need to really concentrate on my blood pressure as I still continue to have it. And, I need  to do a better job of taking my meds daily. I still managed to take my Lexapro 20mgs.  

It’s funny I am watching Elf for the 4th time and I just love this movie. I also like the Grinch with Jim Carey. I also just watched an interesting racing documentary called Senna. It was very well done, and had a sad ending. But.. fantastic story about racing. 

In summary, I hope 2018 brings each and everyone of you the best year ever. We have so much to be thankful for. Family, friends, jobs, pets, and most importantly our faith. 

May the GOOD LORD watch upon you!

Brian 🙂