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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) – Wear the Gown is our way of saying you should see your doctor regularly. It’s a campaign that continues to get strong endorsements from all over the state, like brothers Jonathan and Josh from northwest Arkansas.

They were born two years apart. They became very close, loving the same things, sharing the same experiences. Their family pictures tell the story. But there was a picture they never thought they’d share. Earlier this year the brothers almost died within two months of each other. It started with the oldest, Josh, and a crossfit workout that left him almost lifeless.

“And he had a cat scan and was found to have an aortic aneurysm,” said cardiovascular surgeon, Dr. Fred Meadors of CHI St. Vincent Heart Institute.

Dr. Meadors took one look at the scan and operated immediately. Josh was a ticking time bomb. “90 percent of people who have an aortic dissection in this location, die within 14 days if it’s not treated,” said Dr. Meadors.

It not only got treated but Josh’s life was saved. A little over two months later, his brother Jonathan was helping a friend with a business move and fell off a ladder.

“And when that happened they did a CT scan to check and see if I was paralyzed,” said Jonathan.

No paralysis but the scan revealed that like his brother, Jonathan too had an aortic aneurysm and needed immediate attention. The surgery performed again by Dr. Meadors was successful. Dr. Meadors knows better than anyone how fortunate the Seubold brothers were.

“And these two young guys that came from the northwestern part of the state did not have any other clues that they might have had it, so they were both, they were both lucky,” said Dr. Meadors. “Well, we like to compete. So, I mean I couldn’t let him go and have open heart surgery. I had to compete with it,” Jonathan said laughingly.

Two months out, they can smile about it. Their lives back to normal and to keep it that way, they both now know to wear the gown. Dr. Josh Seubold is a chiropractor and Jonathan Seubold is a counselor. Both work in northwest Arkansas and were referred to Dr. Meadors in central Arkansas. As you can imagine, they’re both huge fans now.

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