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I could use some help please


If there is anyone out there that has ever considered making a donation, I would be tremendously appreciated. I am struggling to keep up and my credit card debt is taking a toll on me. I am NOT asking for sympathy because of dumb mistakes that I have made in the past. With my son in college now and just trying to keep up with the present bills, I am just unable to get ahead and really need the help (only if it’s something that would work for you), I don’t want to put you into a situation you fell uncomfortable with.

I will make it either way, my TRUST in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is my number one priority. My ability to continue to keep this website going is something that I do to give back because I got a second chance. I am now 14 years since my aortic dissection. 8 months with my new left hip and 14 months post Prostate cancer survivor with hopes that it’s all gone. I had my prostate removed, my right nerve removed and 12 lymph nodes on each side as I had highly aggressive PC, with Gleason 9 in 3 core samples. God’s miracle of catching it due to my hip saved me from probably dying from PC.

If you want to donate, you can, it’s up to you.
God Bless,
Brian 🙂

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