Name: William Overdevest
Age at time of Dissection: 49
Type of Dissection: Ascending
Date of Aortic Dissection: 20 December 2015
Tell Us Your Story:

H ello. I live in Simcoe ON. I live alone, and fortunately when my ascending aortic dissection began. My brother and nephew were over watching Sunday night football. About 10;15 p.m I felt a tight feeling in my jaw. It moved to my neck, back and lower back immediately. My brother called 911.

I was lucky the area Dr. was familiar with Marfan s Syndrome, which I mentioned I had. He sent me immediately to Hamilton General by ambulance. During the ride to HGH. Dr. Driver who s presence was requested by Dr. Bardon, the ER Dr. AT Norfolk General. Whatever he did he saved my right arm and leg, which were black and blue from the blood clots, and I was most likely going to have them amputated, did something in the 45 minute ride to Hamilton, that saved my limbs. I arrived at HGH at about 1 a.m. At 1;3 ish.

Dr. Adel Dyub arrived, and examined me and spoke to me and my family. He assembled his team, and I went into the OR at approx. 4 a.m. The surgery was about 15 hours. My organs had shut down and began dying. I have been told that my organs had to be removed and I was literally put back together. My brain was frozen to 23 degrees F. for approx. 25 minutes.. I have only recently learned to some extent what I had been through.

I have been told many many times I am a true miracle. That in my case, if a 1000 people came in like me, I am the one that survives.. I spent 8 and a half days in ICU. I had been complaining about my tongue, and it was quite swollen. 3 weeks after the surgery, my tongue basically exploded.

I was rushed back to Er area . I lost 4 litres of blood in 3 and a half hours, before I was brought in to the OR. where Dr. Corman a professor at Macmaster Hospital. Miraculously managed to cut out died tongue tissue. Reattach my tongue and stitch up a 9 cm long by 1 cm wide and a half cm deep. Which it has held together and healed nicely. I spent 4 days in ICU for this procedure. I have covered briefly what I had gone through.

I am told that I am famous. I assume in the eyes of the medical community. I had signed waivers permitting publications of what I experienced, in order to help Dr.s learn from my ordeals. Currently I am part of a group study of 300 people taking Entrersto. Fyi April 18th 2016. I was rushed back to HGH. For heart failure, my ejection fraction was down to 19% and I was told, it had to go up.

That if it continued to drop, it didn t look good for me. I spent 4 days in the cardiac care unit at HGH. Again the staff was amazing. I Hope this brief explanation helps. Thank you to everyone that helped to save my life. Beginning with my brother Frank, the Dr.s at NGH, and everyone at Hamilton General Hospital. A Special thanks To RPN Colleen Powers and Irene Travale 5 South, Dr. Buchanan Dr. Corman . Dr. Dyub. My cardiologist Dr. Greg Curnew, his staff. And the nurse tending to me through this Entresto study Aleks. I can never thank you guys enough. I hope this helps Thanks
William Overdevest