Valve-sparing David I procedure in acute aortic type A dissection: a 20-year experience with more than 100 patients†

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OBJECTIVES: The aortic valve-sparing David procedure has been applied to the elective treatment of patients with aortic aneurysms with excellent results. The use of this technique in patients with acute aortic dissection type A (AADA) is still a matter of debate. We present our long-term experience with 109 patients with AADA who had the valve-sparing David I procedure.
METHODS: Between July 1993 and October 2015, 109 patients with AADA had the valve-sparing David I procedure at our centre. We conducted a retrospective review with follow-up.

RESULTS: The mean age was 54 ± 12 years; 78 (72%) patients were men. Marfan syndrome was present in 6 (5%) patients and bicuspid aortic valve in 3 (3%). Only 4 (4%) patients received the isolated David procedure; 50 (46%) underwent additional proximal, 13 (12%) subtotal and 42 (39%) total aortic arch replacement. The in-hospital mortality rate was 11% (n = 12). Intraoperative/discharge echocardiography showed aortic insufficiency ≤ I° in 93 of 97 patients (96%). Mean follow-up time was 8.3 ± 5.7 years.

The survival rate after discharge at 1, 5 and 10 years was 94%, 90% and 78%, respectively. Thirteen percent (n = 13) of patients underwent valve-related reoperation. Freedom from valve-related reoperation at 1, 5 and 10 years was 96%, 88% and 85%, respectively. Compared to patients who underwent the David I procedure for any reason other than AADA, there were no significant differences in long-term survival rates (P = 0.29) and freedom from a valve-related reoperation (P = 0.39).

The valve-sparing David I procedure has acceptable long-term results even in emergent operations for AADA and is not inferior when performed in elective settings.
Aortic valve-sparing root replacement , David procedure , Acute aortic dissection type Stanford A
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