Name: Mike Rosellini
Age at time of Dissection: 55
Type of Dissection: Ascending
Date of Aortic Dissection: 5 December 2009
Tell Us Your Story:

I have read on these blogs stories from other people and their experiences and what to expect. My dissection occurred December 4, 2009. fortunately, I went to Baylor medical Center in Dallas where Dr. Carl Henry, thoracic surgeon was able to repair after a long surgery.

I was dissected thru the iliac arteries, and still am to this day. A section of the ascending aorta was replaced/grafted. My scan from a few months earlier had revealed a 4.3 cm ectasia of the ascending aorta. I have to keep my blood pressure under control, and no longer can run 8-9 minute miles like I was at 55.

However, at 63 years old I am still working in a profession I love and am looking forward to many more healthy years. If that does not happen, i am just thankful for the wonderful years I have had including the addition of 6 grandchildren in that time frame. so yes, I am also still dissected, I go in for regular scans to check for changes.

I have had excellent medical care. I quit worrying about life expectancy a few years ago. I hope this helps some newly treated patients. depression in the first year is a natural part of the process, it will go away if you continue to look forward and not backward.