I could really use a donation to help me out. I am honestly drowning in debt and trying to claw my way out. My depression has caused my to have this “gotta have it now” type of mentality only to realize that I have to pay for it and end up running up my credit cards. I am sure I am not alone and know everyone is tight with their finances. And… I know that everyone else has their own families to care for financially as well too. I completely and 100% get it and that is always a top priority.

If I could go back and realize that my spending was tied to my depression and that the “instant gratification” was only for a short time and get to the root of my problem, depression, I would be much more better off. I am almost 55 (October 2017) and live paycheck to paycheck. It’s not your problem, it’s my own and with my son leaving for college in the fall, but my credit card bills, I am ONLY able to live day to day with my financial stress. However, I am a grown man and basically have fallen into this viscous cycle of debt. I am trying slowly but surely, but If I had a person(s) out there that was interested in helping me out, that would be a GODSEND. I know that EVERYONE is struggling and I can’t expect people to feel sorry for me or for that matter am depressed that I am even writing this post on my site. I can’t turn back the clock and the financial stress that I have brought upon myself is MY OWN fault and problem.

You can donate if you like here, but……….. do not do it out of pity for me, I am an honest Christian person, just struggling to get by.. But.. God willing I will be pulling out of this slump soon.

I hope you are doing well and I hope too that if you have an aortic condition, you are feeling better and stronger. If you have any questions or need answers, I can help get you them.

God Bless You.
Remember this too, I am thankful to everyone for their support.
Brian 🙂