It’s been a while since I posted something personally. So, here it goes. I was scheduled to have my left hip replaced (2nd attempt) on 4/4/2016. One of the requirements is a physical exam within 30 days of the operation. It just happened that my doctor decided to order a PSA test w/o my knowledge. So, I got that call that “Brian, everything looks good… but…. Your PSA is at 5.0” and I recommend you see a urologist. So, the next day I got to Edmonds Urological Associates and see their PA. She proceeds to give me a DRE exam and then says, “normal” and that we should order a Free PSA test. That was ordered and it came back, at 4.7 and a free PSA of 8.6%. Which anything below 10% is more probable of cancer. So, with that result, I put on my medical hat and started doing research. I read that a Prostate Pelvic 3T MRI was the way to go. But… after 2nd level appeals to worthless Blue Cross, they feel you should do it the other way, have the TRUS biopsy and if they don’t find anything and your PSA is still high, then get the MRI. However, from what I learned and paid out of my own pocket $1400.00 (paid $700.00 down and making payments on the balance) is that the MRI finds the more dangerous cancers and the TRUS finds the lower grade cancers and slow growing.

I got the MRI done and had it sent to the Urologist at Virgina Mason, John Corman. He read the review and I got the call that not only was their a small lesion (PRA-3) and that I would need another MRI for a fusion biopsy and plus the TRUS biopsy, so now up to 18 needles! Ouch! So, I began to really freak myself out.. I got the call the next day and she said she was calling to schedule my TRUS biopsy. I said, “what about the fusion one?” she said, Oh… Dr. Corman and the VM radiology team review the films and discovered that the Seattle Radiologist did not make the correct diagnosis. My urologist said according to the 2016 guidelines, my lesion would be a PRA-2 and that doesn’t warrant a MRI. I got a second opinion on the MRI for review by one of the worlds leading radiologist, Dr. Fergous Cokely. He’s at Oregon Health and Sciences, he too reviewed my films and said the same thing as Dr. Corman and the VM Radiology staff. What a relief! But… Dr. Cokely said that there’s still a 5-20% chance my TRUS biopsy could show something. But.. I am hopeful that it will be nothing.. July 15th is my biopsy date.

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All the best!
Brian 🙂