Name: Steve Wilmot
Age at time of Dissection: 54
Type of Dissection: Ascending
Date of Aortic Dissection: 16 January 2016
Tell Us Your Story:

My incident started on a Saturday morning with what I thought was a heart attack. I tried unsuccessfully to shake it off. Several hours later I went to emergency and spent 9 hours in an examination room having several ECGs and blood work. At around 900 PM I was told to go home get some rest and l should be back to work soon. I spent 3 long days and nights at home in a lot of pain but trying to get things done around home. On Tuesday I decided to go into town to get a prescription for pain killers filled. After the cab dropped me off I could barely get around I was so weak and in pain. I managed to make it back to the house and started getting dinner ready for my work buddies who were coming back soon.

At around 600 PM my right leg went numb and I was unable to put any weight on it. At around 700pm I had one of my work buddies drop me at emergency for the second time. The doctor that saw me this time knew I had something seriously wrong with me. He thought it may be blood clots in my leg. I was loaded in an ambulance for the 3 hour ride from Slave lake Alberta to Edmonton. We first went to the Grey Nuns hospital were I saw a doctor who felt I had no blood clots in my leg thought I should be CT scanned to see if I had blood clots in my chest. This is when my condition came to light and I was quickly loaded into another ambulance and rushed to the U of A hospital.

Things are somewhat blurry after this but my clothes were gone and I was in pre OP surrounded by the people who were going to save my life. I remember the surgeon telling me that the surgery he was about to preform on me is one of the most complex they do and that there is up to a 15% chance I would not make it. Well thank God and the great team of doctors and nurses, especially my surgeon Dr Mullen I came through surgery.

Recovery has been tough since leaving the hospital but I count myself lucky to have an unbelievable family to take care of me. Without their support I would be lost. It is 4 weeks yesterday since my surgery and I am still struggling to understand what has happened. Recovery is a long bumpy road. I’m so happy I have the support I believe I will make it..