Name: Jeremy Myers
Age at time of Dissection: 32
Type of Dissection: Both Ascending and Descending
Date of Aortic Dissection: 22 March 2015
Tell Us Your Story:

I was in the middle of my hitch on an oil=rig. The oilfield was declining quickly so my rig was in the yards and I was spending my days painting over rust. At 3:30 my day was over so I headed over for my daily workout ritual.

I was in the best shape of my life had stopped smoking and started eating right. But during my workout I lost all motivation and decided to go take a shower. I never made it that far. Just as I got the water right and was about to step in it felt like someone just unzipped me.

Immediately my legs started hurting and I was completely lost and confused. I couldn’t collect my thoughts, or really anything for that matter. Luckily enough about the time I felt my legs give way beneath me a Coworker walked into my room saw my current state and got help.

They flew me in to a tiny hospital that diagnosed me with dehydration, and started pumping fluids to me. After 3 bags they they realized something else was wrong mainly because I was exhaling blood. So back on the chopper I went and ended up at oschners in new Orleans.

Ascending and descending aortic dissection. It’s been ten months since the dissection and I’ve had two Stents, lost a kidney, nerve damage on my left side. And have the memory span of goldfish. Don’t know what’s next just lost at the moment.