I am approaching my surgery date on 12/21 with Dr. William Barrett. I had my physical (a requirement) from Dr. Barrett’s office about 2 weeks ago. However, the intern who did my physical wanted a new “echo cardiogram” done. So, I went down today and had another one, even though my last one was only 13 months old. As I sat on the table, my mind raced in all directions. First thought, they will see my leak (moderate) has gotten worse and will cancel the surgery and tell me the surgery I need is a new valve! As I laid there and listened to my heart beating, it made me realize that every heart beat is so important and just how fragile we are. tennisball I know my tennis is going to take a back seat for a while. I am going to be the captain again for my men’s 40+ 4.5 team. We made it to the sectionals last year for the first time in 10 years! I have been watching a ton of YouTube videos and it appears that the anterior approach is the way to go! I have seen folks up and walking within just a couple hours of surgery! And… not much pain at all. My parents are going to come over and bring their lazy boy chair and a cane for me. I plan on not pushing it and trying to ice as much as possible and just do the basics. I have requested to be out from 12/21/15 to 1/6/16. However, I am most likely going to do some work the last week of December if I can from my PC.

My other issue is that the Toporol XL 200mgs that I am on sometimes makes my heart rate too low and last time Dr. Otto was concerned. I am hopeful that I get through this with GOD’s help and the GOOD LORD watching over me!6246406085_501893fbed

Update: I got a call the day after my echo stating that they wanted me to come in for a CT/Angio as well. I began to start thinking, “what is up here? and is there something wrong? I was actually able to email Dr. Catherine Otto and she replied back that it was time for my CT/Angio anyways (been 2 years) and that my echo looked stable. I have a moderate leak. I was just relieved that nothing major was wrong. And now on 12/10/15 I will have my CT and then have Dr. Otto review it with me and hopefully the CT will show things stable as well.

More to come!
Brian 🙂