Hi, my name is Andre Williams. I had an Aortic Dissection Feburary 14, 2012, six month before that I had a Hemorrhagic Stroke on right side of brain. Both were do to high blood pressure.

I was first diagnosed with with high blood pressure (Hypertension) when I was 24. The only problem then was I didn’t take it seriously. All of my Doctors told me, my blood pressure was off the charts. As I got older I started taking it more serious. I guess not serious enough. In my mid 30’s it started to get worse. Every time I saw a Doctor, my pills were increase.

On June 26, 2012 my Anniversary. It all began. I was at work and didn’t feel good. I told my boss I was going home. Driving on the way home, I took a different way then normal. I was hard for me to turn. I turn the wrong way. When I finally got, home. I stumbled up the stairs as my wife asked me whats wrong. Then tried to used the bathroom couldn’t unbutton my pants she had to help me. I laid across the bed. My wife felt my arm, she said ” your arm is freezing cold” I wanted to take a nap but luckily, she called for help, I was having a stroke. When I was at hospital, they told me I had a brain bleed stroke (Hemorrhagic). She saved my life

6 months later I was in driveway talking to a friend. I waved by and felt a twinge in my upper back in between my shoulders. I was a pinched nerve in your neck, but the pain was intense. I couldn’t get comfortable at all. Finally I told my wife, I was going to go out back and get in the hot tub. The lid was to heavy. So I took a long hot shower. It felt great, took a lot of pain away. The next day the pain was still intense, So I had my family walk on my back to crack it. The next morning I soaked in the bathtub for about 2hrs. Then my wife came in and told me I looked blue. She told me we were going to the hospital or she was calling my mom. Didn’t want to hear it from mom.

Now we are at St. Ann’s Hospital Westerville, OH. We go in the check my blood pressure its 210/147. So they rush me back I tell the Dr. I need something for pain. My records show that I hate pain pills. She ask if she could do a CT scan, that’s when it hits the fan.

The Dr. returns and tells me the pain is from a hole in my aorta. Also I had to be life Flighted (helicopter) to another hospital. I wouldn’t go that way. They squad me to Mt Carmel East. Where Dr. Patrick Wells is waiting for me. He told my wife and I, that I had to have emergency open heart surgery. Not to mention that there was a high chance I could pass. I Asked if, I had time to call my family. He said no, “you were already bleeding to death for 2 1/2 days, we are behind the 8 ball.” I kissed my wife.

God is good and my wife is smart, because I’m still here. I now take 14 blood pressure pills a day. That’s the only way to control it.

I do have a question, does anyone who had this surgery think about dying every time they think they feel something.

Thank You for listening,
Andre Williams
” We are all survivors”