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Name: Scott Pribyl
Age at time of Dissection: 53
Type of Dissection: Both Ascending and Descending
Date of Aortic Dissection: 28 January 2008
Tell Us Your Story: Middle of the night dissection. 5% chance of surviving. Lost a lot of blood. Took 25 pints. Section A with prosthetic valve. Tybe B Descending also.

I have photos I’d like to send taken last 2 months. May give inspiration to others. I also want to write a book- looking for a publisher. Any advice? Also want to speak to ‘Heart Related’ Groups, Physicians, etc. When you see photos you’ll see why. 7+ long years of rehab.

Dear Brian, I suffered both Section A Aortic Dissection and Type B Residual Dissection, in the middle of the night, January 28, 2008- age 53. I waited a few hours before going to 2 hospitals. Lost a lot of blood. Took 25 pints to save my life. I had a 5% survival chance. After 7 long years of rehab. I want to write a book, talk to groups, clinics, doctors, etc.

I have attached a few photos- taken in last 4-8 weeks (May/June), age 60. I If you have any advice how I can find a publisher, share my story, etc. I would appreciate it. I have been online a lot.
Literally, and Sincerely, my story and photos are- statistically- 1 in a Million, or more. I can prove that. Hope I can give others inspiration and hope.

Some recent photos attached. Thanks, and I hope you can direct me to resources where I can share my story. The Nurses at the Hospital where Emergency surgery was done named me the “Miracle Man”. One turned out to be my cousin. I can document everything- surgical records, etc.. I need advice where I take my story. Thanks again, Brian!

— Scott S. Pribyl 1342
Shirley St Green Bay, WI 54304 920 499 7337 Cell 920 819 8023

I was a Champion Competitive PowerLifter and Martial Artist- even up to age 50. I can only lift 50#- same as you I am guessing- but as you know, “There’s life after Emergency Heart Surgery”. Feel free to forward my story and photos to whomever you feel they might help. I have no idea where my situation is going, but the story seems to be unique.

Thanks! Scott


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  1. Abbas R.

    Looking good Scott! Funny about you being ‘Miracle Man’ – I was given the same moniker by the doctors at the hospital I had surgery in! I had a ruptured ascending aneurysm, and a dissection across the arch and down all the way to the bifurcation (my story’s in Ascending/Descending, Forties), and was told there was under 10% survival for the condition i was brought in with, and then a further 40-50% chance of surviving the operation I needed. Just crazy stuff. Just love beating those odds 😉

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