David Osborne-46 told by sister

Name: Sharon Osborne
Email: shazzie36@gmail.com
Age at time of Dissection: 46
Type of Dissection: Ascending
Date of Aortic Dissection: 31 May 2015
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My name is Sharon, my lovely brother David who was 46 years passed away Sunday morning 31/05/2015 post mortem was complete with cause of death as:- Cardiac tapenade due to haemopericardium. 1B.
Rupture thoracic Aortic dissection.

My concerns are that David’s death could have been prevent, David collapsed 3 days before is death with a pain from his groin right up to his chest and had cheat pain and breathing difficulties, ambulance came did a did a quick ECG of his heart and check his blood pressure and took him to hospital.

A Dr. at hospital was told of David’s collapse and pain that he had suffered just before he collapsed although the pain had lessoned David had quite bad lower back pain, Dr ordered tripon test for heart attack one at 9pm and another at 2am in the morning, both come back negative. David also had a chest xray dr said for checking of collapsed lung, this come back clear.

Dr allowed David home and David passed away 3 days later. David was in good health generally although was prescribed antibiotics 4 days before his passing for a chest infection, I am tormented by the fact that my brother could have been saved if a scan and the aortic dissection was diagnosed at the hospital.

Please let me know your thoughts, thank you.


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  1. Amber Dulyanai

    I do think with a ct scan it could have been monitored more closely. However my dissection was five years ago and I was beyond lucky. Where as my sister a year ago had stints put in. Full well knowing that my issue could be her issue. Her stints tore through. She passed that night. That’s why I said he could have been monitored closely, but could the out come have been different? I only wish in your brothers situation it was standard to be given a ct scan. At least that way everyone would be aware of the dissection. My hart go’s out to you and yours. I’m so vary sorry for your loss.
    Amber Dulyanai

  2. John Quick

    Dear Sharon,
    It amazes me how many stories there are here, similar to yours, where aortic dissections are not picked up or even checked for.
    It must be a question of inadequate medical training and protocols, but your torment is not misplaced.
    In sympathy.

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