Name: Mike Koutras
Age at time of Dissection: 61
Type of Dissection: Descending
Date of Aortic Dissection: 14 October 2014
Tell Us Your Story:

This is mikes wife writing his story. On 10/12/14 my husband was sitting down to watch the falcons game and had a extreme pain on the right side of his neck. He complained of having a really sore throat. This just seem to get worse by the hour, so i sent him to the doctor the following morning first thing. She looked in his throat and said it
could be a throat infection an gave him antibiotics to take.

By that night he was not feeling much better and had a really hard time laying in the bed on his back . He sat up most the night , his breathing started getting labored and i kept asking him, please tell me how you feel and do you realize you are breathing labored ? Long story short .

We went to the ER, I told the doctors all i knew. We stayed in ER most of the day from about 11:00 am till close to 9:00 pm and then a nurse came in saying she had been instructed to give him BP with some pain medicine through a iv and stand with him to administer every 5 min. Well the first five , and my husband sat up straight, seem to think clearer and started cracking jokes. All i knew then was it has to do with his heart.

Then around 9:15 they said we need to move him because the ER was getting full. By 9:30, he was on the OR floor and shaving him, saying Their is no bigger surgery than what this man is going to have and we
have no time to waste, we are talking seconds because its amazing that this man is even alive, we could lose him within the next second no joke!

Surgery 7 1/2 hours . My husband had a type A ascending aorta dissection / Aortic aneurysm. He made it. At 61, my husband made it.

I am thankful for this site, seems this world does not have enough information on this condition.