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Name: Cheryl Devine
Age at time of Dissection: 41
Type of Dissection: Both Ascending and Descending
Date of Aortic Dissection: 19 November 2009
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After my daily gym workout, I returned home to prepare for bed & work the next day to feel a burning sensation in my chest, rapidly creeping up my neck. I assumed it was acid reflux which I had never experienced before so I wasn’t sure exactly. I phone a friend.

She decided to call 911 and I was transported by EMT to the local ER. The ER Doctor ran a CT Scan and immediately ordered a life flight helicopter ride to the Cleveland Clinic Foundation to have open surgery for Type A dissection. Survival was 10% and rapidly declining and had just minutes to get started. After 13 hours of surgery I’m here to tell about it.

In my 5th week of recovery i experienced Type B dissection, a 2nd life flight and ICU since surgery was out of the question. Now after 5 years they are still managing the Type B dissection with meds but the dissection is growing larger. They are closely watching it. I have found little support for how to cope, exercise, and live normally without difficulties.

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Had my aorticdissection on 8/22/2003 while playing tennis at the age of 40. I got a second chance at life!

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    My name is amber. I to have had no support I was slitely incoherent when I wrote my post (amber dulyanai) it will be 5 years this June. I was 45. Email me.:)

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