Name: Stephanie DeHart
Age at time of Dissection: 55
Type of Dissection: Ascending
Date of Aortic Dissection: 26 April 2014
Tell Us Your Story:

I actually had an SMA dissection 16 days after a bad fall.

I slipped and fell hard – 4 days later I felt myself prolapse- unreal
I had a3rd degree rectocele and urogyn posted me for posterior vaginal repair Then

16 days after I fell (and 10 days before my scheduled pelvic surgery) I felt a fullness like maybe I prolapsed further so I saw the urogyn who said everything was fine.

The next morning I was awakened at 5am in a pool of sweat and had the most searing stabbing horrible upper abdominal pain which radiated around to my back. I could only walk doubled over. I was also massively nauseated.
I went to my primary care doc who thought it was a kidney stone but CT showed SMA dissection.

I was taken by ACLS ambulance and admitted and given pain meds around the clock to relieve my agony. I was also placed NPO (for 3days)

On day 3 CT showed dissection worse.
So I was taken to OR -before I went the priest gave me last rites.
They went through my groin & 2 overlapping stents were placed in a 4 hour emergency surgery.

It took longer than usual I was told because I have a “replaced right hepatic artery” which is why they put 2 stents in the SMA. It also means if that thing blew then my liver would have been annihilated along with my small intestine. OMG

Anyway I went home the next day! And then one week later had my posterior vaginal repair.
I’m alive! And glad to be here as I have 3 children to raise by myself.
I feel good and am being followed every 6 months with an ultrasound to check stent flow.

So far so good and dr is saying 5 year out is pretty good but I’ll need some ballooning probably
I am 56 years old and wish I knew of someone else who has been through this. From what I hear this is so rare that there aren’t a whole lot of documented cases.