I had my cortisone shot in my left hip today. I have been diagnosed with some early signs of osteoarthritis and have been having trouble getting on my left shoe and sock on. I have a sock device and long shoe horn to help me. So, I went to the best hip doctor around in Washington State and they recommended a cortisone shot. However, I am getting a MRI next week. The doctor that did my shot today was great, it was really like a mini surgery, I was nervous and my wife had to drive me home.

I am hoping to get back on the tennis courts this weekend. My BP was really high this morning and I think mostly due to the fact of my nervousness. Otherwise, things are going pretty good for me. My daughter got an internship at JunebugWeddings.com -a wedding site and she’s going back to the U of W in fall. She just turned 19 and my son is 15 and driving now! We need a new car as our main car, 1997 Expedition has 202,000 miles on it and my car has 198,000 and my son will need a car soon! Yikes! 🙂

Take care,
Brian 🙂