Name: Prerna Sikand
Age at time of Dissection: 28
Type of Dissection: Ascending
Date of Aortic Dissection: 27 April 2006
Tell Us Your Story:

Hi well I read articles of survivors on this site and I really wanted to share my experience too. It was Feb’ 2006 when i was undergoing treatment from endocrinologist and he detected my palpatations and was asked to undergo series of tests. Underwent Eco Cradiography, ECG ,MRI , CT Scan and I was diagnosed with Marfan Syndrome and aortic aneurysm. All these terms were like aliens to me.Went through various books regarding this and read on internet too. All this was like …. just don’t know what all was going in my mind that time as i was told surgery is the only option for survival.

In the meantime , had severe stabbing pain in my chest . I was working that time and felt severe pain for about 20 mins. Underwent tests and Aortic dissection took place as aorta had increased a lot and it was on the verge of bursting. I prepared myself and it was d Supreme power with me always and surgery took place in April’2006.I was unconscious for about 5 days and took me round 3-4 months to recover and get back to normal life.

I wasn’t aware of after surgery effects and it was just apt in my case “Ignorance is a Bliss.” I wasn’t aware that open heart surgery just drains out everything from the body and it’s like fresh baby steps again to be taken to restart life. Bentall surgery was done by team of doctors and just couldn’t speak for about a month as surgery did pressure on my vocal chords too. I was in ICU for about 11 days and in room for 10 days, all in total hospitalized for 21 days. As and when strength grew i became better and after full recovery did job again in Jan’ 2007. In fact after recovery went for River rafting in Nov’ 2006 and i was thrilled to be back to my normal life again.
All this phase of life i could just handle with love, affection and support from my family , relatives and friends and of course God’s blessings without whom i would not have been here writing this story. I just pray and wish all other survivors , d very best in life and always be positive in life.

One thing , i truly believe that Its He only who gives us the strength to bear all this. He is the one who has given us such patience and diligence to bear it and face it. God Bless………………….