Name: Jacob Riley
Age at time of Dissection: 28
Type of Dissection: Ascending
Date of Aortic Dissection: 15 June 2012
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This is Jacobs story – by Beth Prophet Jacobs mom.
On the Friday before Father’s Day June 2012 Jacob was off work and planned on going out with his friend, Richy, to celebrate Richy’s birthday.

They picked Jacob up about 7pm and started heading to the restaurant.
Jacob, per Richy, started complaining of a tightness in his chest after he put his seat belt on. Richy thought he was just joking around but then realized he was serious. Jacob asked Richy to take him to the ER because his pain was increasing and had moved down to his lower back.

Richy called us and also Jacob’s wife. When we arrived at the ER we were taken back to the room where Jacob was. He was in some intense pain, shaking and sweating. The physician told us that they were going to do a CT scan to determine what was going on because it didn’t appear that he was having a heart attack. Jacob does have a history of high blood pressure and back problems. While we were waiting for them to take Jacob to Radiology for the CT Jacob asked that the chaplain be called to pray with him/us. They took Jacob for the CT while we waited in the room. The physician came back to the room and told us they were going to air lift Jacob to Loyola Medical Center in Chicago because it appeared that his condition was grave and that they did not have the physicians and or ability to treat his problem.

He told us that it appeared to be a dissection. Jacob was air lifted to Loyola and we drove the 60 miles taking his wife and infant daughter with us. When we reached Loyola Jac ob had already been prepped and the surgery had begun. Jacob had a great physician that performed the surgery, Dr. Eng. The surgery lasted 13 hours. Jacob had to go back into surgery the next day because of a tamponade with evacuation. Jacob spent a month in CICU in critical condition for a long time. He only briefly regained consciousness and then was in and out of consciousness. He had a stroke during surgery.

Dr. Eng told us that he had three sections of dissection and that he focused on the most severe the ascending aortic root. Jacob also had the aortic valved replaced with a mechanical valve because his natural valve could not sustain the heart after the dissection. Jacob also experienced kidney failure and respiratory failure and optic nerve damage to both eyes. He was also placed on a ventilator. Jacob’s body was finally able to hold a decent blood pressure and was moved to a Rehab Center to be weaned from the ventilator. While at this Rehab facility he contracted sepsis because of a dislodged feeding tube.

Jacob was taken to another local hospital close to the Rehab Center and he spent 3 weeks there fighting for his life. His blood pressure was also He was finally sent back to the Rehab center to finish the weaning from the ventilator. Jacob spent another 2 weeks at Rehab was sent back to the hospital because of not being able to control his blood pressure and MRSA. Once he was cleared from the hospital this time, he spent one more week at this Rehab. Jacob was discharged from there and sent to another Rehab Facility for OT and PT. He had to learn how to walk again and learn all ADL’s, speech therapy and psychiatric therapy. Jacob lost 4 months of his life spent in hospitals. He has to be monitored regularly for INR levels, he is legally blind, had a stroke, has only one kidney that functions, has right sided weakness with right foot drop, takes Coumadin along with 5 other medications to control his blood pressure daily.

And his wife left him moved out of state, moved Jacob to her new residence, Jacob had experienced some chest pains while with her, she sent him to the hospital via ambulance, stripped him of all his money and personal belongings and abandoned him at that out of state hospital and now is divorcing him. Jacob lives with us, his parents, and I provide everything for him.