John Snow-56

Name: john snow
Age at time of Dissection: 56
Type of Dissection: Descending
Date of Aortic Dissection: 18 February 2010
Tell Us Your Story:

My story starts 15 years before my dissection and probably saved my life , my father died from abdominal dissection so I new some of the symptoms and new it could happen to me because they told me then it was herititary . My story starts on a date I’ll never forget . I had judst finished dinner and was visiting with wife and son started to get up and it happened the most terrible pain I’d had in my life and I tolerate pain pretty good but like this.

Wife called 911 she thought I was having heart attack but I new better I had seen my father and right away what was happening god was and still working for me . To make long story short went to er flew me to Houston where in my opinion the best thorasic surgeon in the world they also found an anurism in aorta same location as descending disecction they I endoscopic insertion of 14 inches did well after surgery went home in 3 days two were later had another tear life flight back to Houston had another endoscopic insertion extended another 4 inches need to mention my heroes.

Name Dr casselli saved my life by grace of god and support of my loving wife and son and great friends doing well . The only problems are the limitations I was pretty active but now can’t do what used to but thank god every day that I’m still here with friends and family . The Dr told me I was miracle because I had tear and anurism at same time and survived


Donald Case-57


Jacob Riley-28

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  1. Amber Dulyanai

    I to was active, and now not so much:). I try to shair my view, as long as I’m above the grass and not under it, it’s a good day! Glad you found us.

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