Kev Heywood-50

Name: Kev Heywood
Age at time of Dissection: 50
Type of Dissection: Descending
Date of Aortic Dissection: 17 April 2014
Tell Us Your Story:

With no symptoms I was sat watching tv with my son at 9.30 in the evening when I felt the most intense crushing pain in my chest. It very quickly spread into my upper back and then knew I was a spot of trouble. After 5 minutes I asked my son to call 999 and the ambulance arrived within five minutes. I remained fully coherent and was able to answer fully all questions by the paramedics and even the ecg gave no indication of my condition. I was taken to hospital after about 30 minutes and even walked to the ambulance!

I was given pain relief enough route to little effect, I think a spray under my tongue and aspirin? The paramedics were brilliant again when we arrived at the AnE (which I believe saved my life) and I was in a bed almost immediately bypassing a pretty long queue, and wired up blood tests taken and morphine orally. Things moved along eventually having a ct scan which finally diagnosed a descending aortic dissection. Pain relief and other drugs were then given to me, and things become a tad hazy at this point but remember being moved by blue light ambulance to QE hospital in Birmingham to a specialist unit and understand I then spent 2 days in intensive care unit and then 17 days in the coronary care unit.

My treatment was to control my blood pressure with medication rather than surgery, which I understand research shows to be the preferred option, although this took quite a while to get me off IV to oral meds.
I left hospital with a large bag of 12 different types of medication and here I am resting and trying to do as I’m told. I have bought a blood pressure monitor and recording readings to give to my gp on our regular appointments.
I realize I am so lucky to have got through this so far and appreciate I have a long way to go, however I’m scared of what the future will bring… I have so many questions on that but will try to stay strong.


  1. could we have info on marfan’s syndrome and treatment suggestions,and list helpful meds

  2. Kev, my story almost the same, Went home with a big bag of meds, my girl friend , her sister and my sister tried their best to give me the right ones, at the right time , about 30 in all in one day! I almost o.d. my girl Nancy took me back to the hospital.(was there in icu for 2weeks) so what a another week ! This time when we left, the doctor made sure we had a meds were a 5th from the first time a time table when to take them! I believe if we just take our meds, live, eat, a little diffident than before we will be fine! Mine was on Feb 23, 014, Thank you Brian for this site!

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