Name: Carlos V
Age at time of Dissection: 38
Type of Dissection: Ascending
Date of Aortic Dissection: 15 December 2010
Tell Us Your Story:

My husband was diagnosed with an aortic dissection type B with a 15 centimeter aneurysm after bleeding internally for 5days thinking gas pains. He was given 10% chance of life ( his blood pressure was 225/199) and flown to specialty hospital where he spent the night in the OR room in case they needed to open him up ( I wasn’t’t informed why we were in there- thought the ER rooms were all full).

He survived the night, so we were moved into an actual room. They then gave him 25% for the next few days. Finally, after about 4-5 days, they sent him home with blood pressure medication saying, ” you should clot”. We returned a total of three times with deadly blood pressure levels and pain.

The third time, a doctor said he could/ would operate…after 6 blood transfusions and umpteen hours in the OR room, he came out and they announced that they were able to graph the aorta and “coil” the 15 centimeter aneurysm. They needed to go in again due to reverse blood flow from the coiling of the aneurysm, but it worked! He is now 41 years old, but we do not know how long this will last….